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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Man Fai Eric KOT
葛民輝 | KOT Man Fai Eric

Since 1989, when I acted in my first film, I had worked on over 60 films, appearing in nearly 40 in the first ten years. Witnessing the transition of Hong Kong film from the craziness of its golden era to its sunset period, it doesn’t mean that I stop loving this dream factory world, but I had learned to love with utmost care.

Like the same passionate and driven people who grew up in the same dream factory, I will not forget “you” as long as I have a breathe in me.

I’m very grateful that while acting, I had the chance to continue learning, giving me the chance to have a big dream or two in the film world.


Eric Kot Man-fai was born in Hong Kong in 1966. After graduating from secondary school, he studied design at the Caritas Bianchi College. He later attended Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education night classes while working as salesperson and display designer. In 1988, he worked part-time as DJ at Commercial Radio, turning full-time in six months, teaming with Jan Lamb to form the duo Softhard, hosting radio shows and releasing albums.

Kot soon ventured into film, appearing in a host of pictures, including Oh! My Three Guys... (1994), In Between (1994), The Saint of the Gamblers (1995), Tricky Business (1995) and Lawyer Lawyer (1997), most of them comedies. He was nominated at the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actor for Oh! My Three Guys... and for Best Supporting Actor for In Between as well as Love in the Time of Twilight (1995). He was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor at Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards for A-1 Headline (2004).

He first tried his hands on directing by helming the Love Game segment of the omnibus film Four Faces of Eve (1996), gaining notice for his stylized approach. He then directed First Love: The Litter on the Breeze (1997), a romance again marked by its unique style. He also directed Super Fans (2007), a story about the phenomenon of celebrity and the obsessive madness of fans.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2007 《甜心粉絲王》
Super Fans
2000 《龍火》
Dragon Heat
1997 《初纏戀后的二人世界》
First Love : The Litter on the Breeze
1996 《4 面夏娃》
(Segment: Love Game )
4 Faces of Eve KAM Kwok Leung