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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Cheung Tak Douglas KUNG
孔祥德 | KUNG Cheung Tak Douglas

I am a new director and am still learning from my elders, so I don’t feel qualified to teach others. I need to keep on learning and maintain my passion for my work, which is the Hong Kong spirit. Hong Kongers are flexible and able to adapt to different circumstances, which is one of our most important qualities. We have to have dreams and the will to make them into reality.

I am happy to be able to do a job that I like, and being a director is an ever-learning process, since the world and the film medium keep changing. Hong Kong’s film heritage is a thing to be treasured, and we have to thank our elders in the field for their contributions. As a filmmaker, I respect every one who works in the field, both in front of and behind the camera. At present, Hong Kong cinema has to contend with challengers from other Asian countries. I hope the latest generation of Hong Kong filmmakers will continue to play to our strengths and restore the industry to its former glory. I wish to thank the investors of film. Without them I would not have a job. Thank you very much.


Douglas Kung Cheung-tak was born in 1966 in Hong Kong. His father came to Hong Kong from China to open a martial arts school, and Kung was trained in martial arts at an early age. The young Kung was devoted to the art form, just as he would later develop a passion for film. He started his career as an actor, working at TVB in the early 1980s. In the late 1980s, he studied under famed martial arts coordinator Chan Siu-pang, and began working in films as a junior martial arts actor and stuntman before rising through the ranks to become assistant action choreographer and finally action choreographer. Because of his short stature, he was often assigned to be the stunt double for actresses. In 1993, Kung immigrated to Singapore, and worked in the local television industry as action choreographer.

With the support of Yuen Wo-ping and producer-actress Sharon Yeung, Kung made his feature film debut with Chinese Heroes (2001), and in subsequent years, he made several more action films.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2005 《少林殭屍天極》
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead : Ultimate Power YIP Wing Kin
2004 《少林殭屍天極》
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead Ultimate Power YIP Wing Kin
2004 《少林殭屍》
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead
2003 《連鎖奇幻檔案之死亡音樂》
Death Melody
2003 《連鎖奇幻檔案:生化危城》
Chemical Crisis
2002 《焚獸之都》
Snake Charmer
2002 《連鎖奇幻檔案之疾風鐵男》
Excessive Force
2002 《極地皇陵》
Undiscovered Tomb
2001 《中華丈夫》
Chinese Heroes
2001 《連鎖奇幻檔案之DNA 複製人》
DNA Clone