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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Ching Liang KWAN
關正良 | KWAN Ching Liang

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Kwan Ching-liang was also known as Kuan Hsin. He was born in 1930 in Shanghai, and from the age of seven, he attended the Shanghai Drama School established by his father Kuan Hung-bin to study Peking Opera, specializing in martial arts roles and graduated seven years later. In 1946, Kwan came to Hong Kong and enrolled at The China Drama Academy under teacher Yu Jim-yuan, where his duties also included teaching younger students. He began his career working for Cantonese opera troupes as a martial arts coordinator, and also instructed newcomers on martial arts skills. Later on he joined Simon Yuen’s troupe and began working in the film industry as martial arts stuntman and body double. He served as the martial arts coordinator on Secret Book (1961), produced by Hong Kong Film Co., a position he assumed on most of the company’s action and martial arts films. He established the Dragon Nation Academy in 1964 to teach martial arts, and his students included Cliff Lok and Lee Ka-ting. The following year he formed Dragon Nation Film, which produced the martial arts films A Notice of Knights (Parts 1 & 2). During the making of the film, Kwan was injured on the set as a result of a mishap involving explosives. With the decline in Cantonese cinema in the late 1960s, Kwan moved his production base to Taiwan and directed a number of films including The Golden Sword (1967, co-directed with Wu Pang), The Mask Heroine (1969), 36 Sword Guards (1971) and An Old Kung Fu Master (1981), which was Simon Yuen’s final film. Kwan died in February 2013 at the age of 83.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1981 《一老一少一根釘》
An Old Kung Fu Master
1979 《老頭拳頭大饅頭》
Against Rascals with Kung Fu
1978 《過江龍獨闖虎穴》
Showdown at the Equator
1978 《臉譜》
Kung Fu Attraction
1976 《春風吹又生》
Spring Comes Again
1972 《海盜張保仔》
Cheung Po Chai
1971 《三十六劍手》
36 Sword Guards
1970 《奪命閻羅》
Thunder Storm Sword
1969 《幪面女俠》
The Mask Heroine
1968 《金刀怪客》
The Golden Sword WU Pang
1968 《血戰八大盜》
Eight Robbers WU Pang
1968 《天王劍》
King's Sword WU Pang