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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Shun Fai KWAN
關信輝 | KWAN Shun Fai

I believe that film, in addition to being an industry, a profession and an art form, is also a medium that brings spiritual healing. One of the most memorable experiences was after the premier of Life is a Miracle, an audience member came over and thanked me, that after watching the film, she regained courage to face the pain and challenges of life, giving her confidence to face her illness. Later, many had either wrote or came to my office to thank me for bringing them the gospel that changed their life, helping them overcome hurdles.

Every film was made with difficulties, but making non-commercial spiritual films were even more difficult. It involved enduring endless setbacks, scorn and tears. Once a friend said I was being silly. With a calculator in his hands, he reminded me that films are made to make money and that helping people should be left to the social welfare department. I believe that good planning as well as controlling quality and budgets are absolutely important for a director, but for a father to have his prodigal son return and for a patient who has given up to regain hope is priceless.


Adrian Kwan Shun-fai was fond of sci-fi films and cartoons like the Japanese television series Ultra Man, the Japanese anime series Mazinger and the American film series Star Wars. After graduating from secondary school, he studied film at the University of Regina, Canada, and in 1992, made a documentary that won a prize at a Canadian film festival. After taking time off to wander in South America, Kwan returned to Hong Kong in 1993. He worked at TVB’s Pearl Channel, then joined the film industry a year later, working continuity or as assistant director on such films as He’s a Woman, She’s a Man (1994), Comrades Almost a Love Story (1996) and Who Am I? (1998).

Beginning in 1998, Kwan wrote and directed a series of gospel films, such as Master Chef (1998), Sometimes, Miracles Do Happen (1999), The Miracle Box (2004), Fearless (2006) and A Dream Team (2012), earning the nickname Gospel Director.

Kwan also made commercial films like If You Care (2002) and 6 AM (2004) as well as contributing to the script of Heroic Duo (2003). He was nominated for Best New Director by the Hong Kong Film Awards for If You Care. His gospel film Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You (2009) won the Golden Angel Award Outstanding Film award at the Chinese American Film Festival of San Francisco, U.S.A.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2012 《翻生奇兵》
A Dream Team
2009 《流浪漢世界盃》
Team of Miracle : We Will Rock You
2006 《愛裏沒有懼怕之恐懼森林》
2004 《天作之盒》
The Miracle Box
2004 《大無謂》
2002 《賤精先生》
If U Care
2001 《生命因愛動聽》
Life is a Miracle
1999 《天使之城》
Sometimes, Miracles Do Happen
1998 《地茂廚神》
Master Chef