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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wai Pang Teddy Robin KWAN
關維鵬 | KWAN Wai Pang Teddy Robin

I have immersed myself in many forms of art. Film directing is the one I have done the least. Yet, it is the one I love most and feel most optimistic about.

Directing is wonderful because it encompasses almost all forms of art. Its attraction is neverending. It is the greatest challenge as well as the ultimate goal for the artist.

I will continue to work hard and enjoy the creative process. A great film is the result of a collective, with the director as its mastermind. My dream is to direct films that stand the test of time.


Teddy Robin was born Kwan Wai-pang in Guangxi in 1948, moving to Hong Kong in 1949. He became a child star on radio programs in the 1960s and then a scriptwriter for children shows. In his teens, he formed Teddy Robin and the Playboys, and hosted TV shows in RTV and TVB. Later, he starred in the film The Price of Love (1970) and sang the theme song. In the 1970s,he toured around Southeast Asia and North America, playing with various bands at different places.

Teddy worked with Alex Cheung on experimental films in 1973. After returning to Hong Kong in 1979, he worked as producer for Pearl City. He produced Cheung’s first movie Cops and Robbers (1979) and wrote the score and sang the theme song. Then, he produced Ronny Yu’s The Saviour (1980), Dennis Yu’s The Beasts (1980) and Ann Hui’s The Story of Woo Viet (1981). He later joined Cinema City, where he was one of the company’s legendary seven-men creative team. He gained acting accolades for his role as Detective Robin in Tsui Hark’s All the Wrong Clues (1981). For the film’s sequel, All the Wrong Spies (1983), Teddy not only repeat his role but also made his debut as a director.

Teddy later teamed with Eric Tsang, Alan Tam and Norman Cheng to form Eric and Alan Films, Friend Cheers, and then with Polygram to form his own Tedpoly Films, serving in various capacities as director, producer and composer. In a long and eventful film career, he had produced over twenty films, directed four, acted in over twenty and composed over forty film scores. He won Best Adapted Film Score at the Golden Horse Awards for Once Upon a Rainbow (1982),

2010 was a special year for Teddy, who enjoyed an acting comeback with award-winning roles in two films. For Gallants (2010), he was named Best Actor by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society, Best Supporting Actor and Best Film Score prizes at the Hong Kong Film Awards; for Merry-Go-Round (2010), he was honored with the Best Actor award at the Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival of Sydney, Australia. In 2011, Teddy was conferred the CASH Hall of Fame Award by The Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1995 《香江花月夜》
Hong Kong Graffiti
1990 《亂世兒女》
1987 《衛斯理傳奇》
The Legend of Wisely
1983 《我愛夜來香》
All the Wrong Spies