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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - David LAI
黎大煒 | LAI David

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Born in 1952, David Lai Tai-wai joined Rediffusion Television after finishing secondary school. By the age of 26, he had already been involved with the productions of over 60 television dramas. In 1982, Rediffusion’s famed producer Johnny Mak switched from television to film and his first production was the Lai-directed Lonely Fifteen. The use of live sound recording on location enhanced the film’s sense of realism and urgency. Besides breaking the HK$10 million mark, the teen drama was also a starmaking turn for Irene Wan Pik-ha and Becky Lam Bik-kei, the latter winning the Best Actress prize at the 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards while Lai was honored with a Best Director nomination.

In the 1980s and 90s, Lai became a prominent director and producer. In 1991, he became the director of Teamwork Production House. His most notable directorial efforts are Tian Di (1994) and Timeless Romance (1998). Some of the film he produced are Saviour of the Soul (1991), Women on the Run (1993) and Thanks for Your Love (1996). In 2002 and 2005, Lai was an associated producer, along with producer Luc Besson, for the Jason Statham vehicles The Transporter and The Transporter 2, the former directed by his friend and colleague Corey Yuen and the latter by Louis Leterrier.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1998 《超時空要愛》
Timeless Romance
1997 《麻雀飛龍》
Mahjong Dragon LAU Jeff YUEN Corey
1994 《天與地》
Tian Di
1993 《赤裸狂奔》
Women On The Run YUEN Corey
1992 《九二神鵰之痴心情長劍》
Saviour Of The Soul II YUEN Corey
1992 《蠍子戰士》
Operation Scorpio
1991 《九一神鵰俠侶》
Saviour Of The Soul LAU Jeff YUEN Corey
1989 《富貴開心鬼》
Runaway Blues
1989 《飆城》
Lost Souls
1988 《盡訴心中情》
Midnight Whispers MAK Dong Kit Michael
1987 《肝膽相照》
Sworn Brothers
1987 《鬼新娘》
Spiritual Love WONG Taylor
1986 《鬼馬朱唇》
Midnight Girls
1986 《午夜麗人》
1984 《艷鬼發狂》
Possessed II
1983 《猛鬼出籠》
The Body is Willing
1983 《狂情》
1982 《靚妹仔》
Lonely Fifteen
1982 《殺入愛情街》
Crimson Street