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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - David LAM
林德祿 | LAM David

How does a director make good films? Perhaps after “starving for too long”! “Starving” doesn’t really mean hungry, but how difficult it is to get a film project started. When finally obtaining investment, the director will treasure the opportunity, approaching the project with more thoughts, realizing that he cannot afford to lose! As such, dedication, involvement and enthusiasm towards work will be better.

The most difficult project for me to start was Hong Kong Gigolo. Film market of the time was still dominated by male viewers; although gigolos were becoming more popular in Asia, men would not admit to doing such work. The script was rejected many times. Finally, obtaining financial support from exhibitors, I mortgaged my house and formed my own company to make the film. The film was initially banned from Taiwan and we had to appeal the decision before the ban was reversed. Fortunately the film made money and started a trend for gigolo stories.


David Lam Tak-luk was born in Macau in 1954 and had worked on television, including TVB, Commercial Television and RTHK, serving as director and producer. He joined the Independent Commission Against Corruption in 1980, directing anti-corruption television dramas, leaving in 1985 to study art at Brigham Young University in the U.S.

Returning to Hong Kong, Lam made his directorial debut with Goodbye Mammie (1987), which was shown at the Asian Pacific Film Festival held in Korea. He worked steadily in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, making such films as Girls Without Tomorrow (1988), Women Prison (1988), Hong Kong Gigolo (1990), Powerful Four (1991) and First Shot (1993). His Girls Without Tomorrow 2 (1992) was a huge hit, grossing over HK$8 million in one week. After a hiatus of more than ten years, Lam returned to film recently, directing Z Storm, to be released in 2014.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1999 《少女黨》
Street Angels
1998 《非常警察》
Magnificent Team
1996 《特警急先鋒》
Asian Connection
1995 《新男歡女愛》
The Modern Love
1995 《昨夜長風》
Tears and Triumph
1994 《皆大歡喜》
Perfect Couples
1993 《廉政第一擊》
First Shot
1992 《應召女郎1988 之二現代應召女郎》
Girls Without Tomorrow 2
1992 《現代應召女郎》
Girls Without Tomorrow WONG Chi
1991 《四大探長》
Powerful Four
1990 《香港舞男》
Hong Kong Gigolo
1989 《我未成年》
The Wild One
1989 《救命宣言》
Doctors' Affairs
1989 《我未成年》
The Wild Ones SUNG Ho Fai Francis
1988 《應召女郎1988》
Girls Without Tomorrow
1988 《女子監獄》
Women Prison
1987 《再見媽咪》
Goodbye Mammie