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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Hing Lung Bosco LAM
林慶隆 | LAM Hing Lung Bosco

I have been a director for over 20 years, and during this time, I had observed many facets of human nature and experienced plenty of ups and downs. However, my passion for cinema remains unchanged. My first job was in films, and this will also be my last job. Over the years, with the downturn in the Hong Kong film industry, many of my peers have switched to other industries to earn a living, but I have persisted in pursuing my dreams. I have started to write my own screenplays to express my own perspective on life. I hope one day I will get to make films that truly belong to me. In recent years the Mainland film industry has been booming, and three years ago I ventured there to seek reliable investors for my projects, and hopefully turn my written words into lively images. I believe that the road ahead will be long and tiring, but if I do not travel down this road, I will regret it!


Bosco Lam Hing-lung was born in 1962 in Hong Kong to a family that originated in Chiuchow in Guangdong, and changed his name to Lam Tsz-ho in 2005. After studying in Canada, he returned to Hong Kong to work in the film and advertising industries, starting out as a continuity person. After working on three films, he was promoted to second assistant director. A year later he rose to become first assistant director, and a year after that he became an executive director and had a hand in numerous box office hits. He had partnered with Wong Jing for many years and collaborated on such films as God of Gamblers (1989), God of Gamblers II (1990), God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai (1991), Dances with Dragon (1991), Boys are Easy (1993), Last Hero in China (1993), God Of Gamblers 3 - The Early Stage (1996) and The Tricky Master (1999), etc.

He directed his first feature, Hong Kong Adam’s Family, in 1991 (the film was released in 1994), and his subsequent works include Underground Banker (1994, Taiwanese Film Title: The Physical Weapon), Chinese Torture Chamber (1994) and Spike Drink Gang (1995), all of which were Category 3 films. He was labeled a “Category 3 director”, which he deeply regretted. His experiences later became the subject matter for Viva Erotica (1996), which portrays a director’s struggle balancing the demands of commercialism and art.

After making a series of low-budget films, he turned to Mainland China to direct films for which he also wrote the screenplay, including the suspense romantic comedy Crazy GPS (2010) and the horror film Dark Wedding (2012).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2012 《詭婚》
Dark Wedding
2010 《瘋狂GPS》
Crazy GPS
2007 《雀聖3 自摸三百番》
Kung Fu Mahjong 3 : The Final Duel
2003 《斗室96 小時》
A Tragic Room
2003 《愛火花》
Dream And Desire
2002 《狂野臥底》
Psychedelic Cop
2001 《千禧願》
Wishful Milenio
2000 《小李飛刀飛刀外傳》
The Legend of the Flying Swordsman
1999 《屍氣逼人》
House of the Damned
1999 《逆我者死》
Never Compromise
1998 《風流3 壯士》
The Three Lustketeers
1995 《迷魂黨》
Spike Drink Gang
1995 《一千零一夜之夢中人》
Dream Lover
1995 《不一樣的天空》
Another Sky
1994 《滿清十大酷刑》
Chinese Torture Chamber
1994 《香港奇案之吸血貴利王》
Underground Banker
1991 《奸人世家》
Hong Kong Adam's Family