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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kwok Cheung LAM
林國翔 | LAM Kwok Cheung

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Lam Kwok-cheung was one of the best known cinematographers in Hong Kong. He began his career after the Second World War, starting out as a camera assistant before becoming a cinematographer in 1950, when he shot his first film, the Cantonese costume picture The Gardener’s Daughter (1950, co-directed by Chu Kea and Wong Tin-lam), with which Lam shared cinematography duties with Chui Yam-yuk and Ng Keung. The same year, Lam served as the sole cinematographer for director Chow Sze-luk on A Good Mother and a Hooker (1950). During his four decade-plus career in the film industry, Lam shot over 100 films. In the early years, he worked mostly on Cantonese opera films while in the 1960s, he shot many Mandarin films produced by Shaw Brothers. His body of work as a cinematographer includes A Buddhist Recluse for Fourteen Years (1953), How Leung Hung-yuk's War Drum Caused the Jin troops to Retreat (1956), Prostituting to Raise the Orphan (1957), The Story of a Chaste Woman (1958) and The First Prize (1964), as well as the Mandarin films The Mid-Nightmare (1962), Susanna (1967), Killer Darts (1968), Vengeance Is a Golden Blade (1969) and Lady of Steel (1970).

In 1974, he worked as Cheng Kang’s cinematographer on Kidnap. That same year, he directed a segment of The Two Faces of Love. He went solo in 1977 with Ironside 426, starring Michelle Yim and Jason Pai Piao. Lam’s final work as a cinematographer was Evil Black Magic (1992), directed by Ho Meng-hua.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1981 《龍虎爭霸》
Bruce vs Bill
1981 《阿燦有難》
The Prohibited Area LEE Wing Cheung
1981 《阿燦有難》
Prohibited Area LEE Wing Cheung
1979 《亡命嬌娃》
The Hellfire Angel
1978 《死亡魔塔》
Enter the Game of Death KONG Hung Joseph
1978 《大路強人》
Mr. Big
1977 《四二六》
Ironside 426
1974 《小孩與狗》
The Two Faces of Love