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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Ringo LAM
林嶺東 | LAM Ringo

When I was a director, many people were taken aback by my hard-line determination and my unyielding opinions. But I’d never regretted the way I handled matters. With that said, I would like to thank everyone who had helped to bring my films to fruition!

My attitude towards filmmaking could be summed up as “giving all my heart and soul.” Only films made under such a mindset would allow me to express myself while documenting my thoughts and feelings at that particular period. When I watch my films, I can see the trajectory of my personal growth. Reminiscing about the arduous and complicated behind-the-scene stories are a lot more meaningful than the film itself.

Even if there were to be more people on this earth, we still would not find two of the same. My thoughts and ideas have their own unique ways. Hence as long as I treat filmmaking with authenticity and honesty, I believe the singular qualities of my films will shine through. That is the basic step of my creative process.

Enough said, let’s watch movies!


Ringo Lam Ling-tung was born in Hong Kong in 1955. He enrolled in Television Broadcasts Limited’s (TVB) artist training program after graduating from St. Peter’s Secondary School. After finishing the program, he briefly worked as an actor before becoming a director’s assistant. In 1976, he was promoted to director and was responsible for serial dramas such as The Great Vendetta (1977) and A House is Not a Home (1977). He left TVB for Commercial Television in 1978 and furthered his career as a television director. Soon after Commercial Television folded, Lam immigrated to Toronto, Canada, and studied film at York University. Returning to Hong Kong in 1982, he joined Cinema City and directed his first feature Esprit d’amour (1983). In the next few years, he made a name for himself with some of the decade’s most memorable action films, though he had often crossed genre lines. His most notable films of the 1980s include The Other Side of Gentleman (1984), Cupid One (1985), Aces Go Places IV (1986), City on Fire (1987), Prison on Fire (1987) and School on Fire (1988). He won Best Director at the Asia Pacific Film Festival and was nominated for Best Director at Hong Kong Film Awards for Prison on Fire. Lam’s critical acclaim reached its peak when City on Fire was honored by the Hong Kong Film Awards with Best Actor for Chow Yun-fat and Best Director for him.

In 1989, Lam and Chow started Silver Medal Productions, which oversaw the director’s Wild Search (1989), Touch and Go (1990), Full Contact (1992) and Burning Paradise (1992), which was nominated for Best Picture at Taipei’s Golden Horse Awards. Lam also directed Undeclared War (1991), Prison on Fire II (1991) and The Adventurers (1995).

Lam then bounded for Hollywood, taking advantage of an American interest in Hong Kong filmmakers in the early to mid-1990s. He made his American debut with Maximum Risk (1996), starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Returning to Hong Kong, Lam made Full Alert (1997), which pushed his career to new heights, earning Best Director and Best Picture nominations at the 1998 Hong Kong Film Awards.

He continued to work in both industries, directing The Suspect (1998), Victim (1999) and Looking for Mister Perfect (2003) in Hong Kong while teaming up with Van Damme in America again for Replicant (2001) and In Hell (2003). Victim was nominated for Best Picture and Best Director at the Golden Horse Awards and Best Director at the Hong Kong Film Awards. His latest work is Triangle (2007), which he co-directed with Tsui Hark and Johnnie To.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2007 《鐵三角》
Triangle TO Johnnie TSUI Hark
2005 《鐵三角》
Triangle TO Johnnie TSUI Hark
2003 《奇逢敵手》
Looking For Mister Perfect
2003 《黑獄威龍》
In Hell
2001 《複製殺人魔》
1999 《目露凶光》
1998 《極度重犯》
The Suspect
1997 《高度戒備》
Full Alert
1996 《硬闖百分百危險》
Maximum Risk
1995 《大冒險家》
The Adventurers
1994 《火燒紅蓮寺》
Burning Paradise
1992 《雙龍會》
The Twin Dragons TSUI Hark
1992 《俠盜高飛》
Full Contact
1991 《一觸即發》
Touch and Go
1991 《監獄風雲Ⅱ逃犯》
Prison on Fire II
1990 《聖戰風雲》
Undeclared War
1989 《伴我闖天涯》
Wild Search
1988 《學校風雲》
School On Fire
1987 《龍虎風雲》
City On Fire
1987 《監獄風雲》
Prison On Fire
1986 《最佳拍檔千里救差婆》
Aces Go Places IV
1986 《開心鬼撞鬼》
Happy Ghost 3 TO Johnnie
1986 《開心鬼撞鬼》
Happy Ghost III WONG Raymond TO Johnnie
1985 《愛神一號》
Cupid One
1984 《君子好逑》
The Other Side of Gentleman
1983 《陰陽錯》
Esprit d'amour