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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wah Chuen LAM
林華全 | LAM Wah Chuen

Film is an art form that needs technological backup. From stills to moving images, from silent movies to sound films, from black-and-white to color widescreen, technological advances brought changes. Today, film art had evolved from the celluloid era to the quickly developing digital era, with multi-soundtracks, digital color adjustment, computer effects, 3D images, digital projection etc. This is a revolutionary period, a period in which what can be imagined can be realized, a fast-forward, nostopping period. As directors, we must stay ahead, not holding on to old technology and concepts. We must move forward with the times, or else we would be eliminated, moving from filmmakers behind the camera to audiences under the screen. I wish I can devote my whole life to continued creativity. But don’t forget, it’s creativity that uses technology, not the other way round!


Lam Wah-chuen was born in 1960 in Hong Kong. Driven by a fondness for film, he studied filmmaking at the Hong Kong Film Culture Centre. He started in the industry as a helper at Shaw Brothers, moving up the ladder through continuity, assistant director, special effects director and MV director.

In 1996, learning that his friend Fruit Chan was preparing for a film, Lam recommended himself, landing the positions of cinematographer and composer for Made in Hong Kong (1997), a milestone work in independent cinema. The film’s phenomenal success created further opportunities for Lam, who went on to enjoy a career in cinematography and composing.

Lam got his chance to direct four years after Made in Hong Kong. Runaway Pistol (2001) is another independent film, which was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay at the 2002 Golden Horse Awards.

In 2009, Lam finished the 3D digital film China Idol Boys 3D (2009).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2009 《樂火男孩3D》
China Idol Boys 3D
2008 《十分鍾情》
A Decade of Love MAK Chi Sin Marco YUEN Kin To CHANG Wai Hung Bryan CHAN Wing Chiu YEUNG Takkie LAM Oi Wah Aubrey LEE Kung Lok CHUNG Kai Cheong Rico WONG Ching Po
2006 《情意拳拳》
Nothing Is Impossible
2001 《走火槍》
The Runaway Pistol