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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wai Lun LAM
林偉倫 | LAM Wai Lun

I was 29 when I directed my first film. It was a prosperous time for Hong Kong’s film industry. I remember feeling that time was never enough even though I spent every minute and every second working on my films. I had heard the opposing opinions by two established voices. One holds the view that you have to love film when you’re making one while the other advocates the opposite.

The accumulation of time and experience has caused me to feel more ambiguous about my stance on this matter. I don’t even love to watch movies anymore in recent years. Filmmaking requires passion, that’s for sure. But like a marital relationship, the novelty of being together wears off after being together for a long time and the feelings begin to fade. Want to save this marriage? The only solution is to rediscover the excitement you felt when you were in love. Where did you love him/her in the first place? What made you want to spend your life with him/her?


Hong Kong native Allun Lam Wai-lun joined Cinema City in 1985 before becoming an assistant director for D&B Films and Wong Jing’s Workshop. Since then he had worked in film and television in various capacities, including screenwriting, film directing and commercial directing. Some of the films for which he has served as assistant director include United We Stand (1986), Heartbeat 100 (1987), Happy Together (1989), Seven Warriors (1989), Unfaithfully Yours (1989), A Bite of Love (1990), BB 30 (1990), The Perfect Match (1991), Black Cat (1991), Cash on Delivery (1992), Holy Weapon (1993), Legend of the Liquid Sword (1993) and The New Legend of Shaolin (1994).

Lam began writing scripts in 1990. BB 30 (1990), The Perfect Match (1991), Black Cat (1993), Legend of the Liquid Sword (1993) and Holy Weapon (1993) are some of the films he penned.

In 1994, Lam had his first taste at directing with one of the four segments in the film Modern Romance. The following year, he directed his first full-length feature Teenage Master (1995), produced by Wong Jing.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2008 《欣月童話》
A Chinese Fairy Tale
1998 《碧血藍天》
The Blacksheep Affair
1996 《666 魔鬼復活》
Satan Returns
1995 《小飛俠》
Teenage Master
1994 《戀愛的天空》
Modern Romance WONG Jing LAU Andrew LEE Lik Chee