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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Yee Hung LAM
林義雄 | LAM Yee Hung

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Lam Yee-hung entered the film industry in 1968 and had worked continuity on films by directors Wong Fung, Song Chunsu and James Lui Kei. Starting with The Young Girl Dares not Homeward (1970), he served as assistant director for Yeung Kuen, a tenure that lasted until My Darling Genie (1984). He also started writing scripts in 1971.

He started directing with the erotic film Maids-in-Waiting (1975), followed by a steady clip of works that numbered above 30, many of them with sexual themes, such as O.C.T.B. Case -- The Floating Body (1995) and Romance of the West Chamber (1997).

Lam is a jack of all trades on the film set. With the exception of cinematography and editing, he had served on almost every position of the crew, including director, scriptwriter, producer, continuity, art design, costumes and actor.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2003 《超級特警》
Super Cop
2003 《歧途》
Final Confinement
2002 《新收數王》
The New Debt Collectors
2000 《聊齋花弄月之追魂物語》
Home For Erotic Ghosts II
1999 《心願》
My Wishes
1999 《風流名妓蘇小小》
Loving Girl
1998 《極度強姦》
Severely Rape
1998 《鬼火咁靚》
Ghost On Fire
1998 《色降II 萬里驅魔》
Exodus From Afar
1997 《西廂艷譚》
Romance of the West Chamber
1997 《聊齋艷譚之幽媾》
Erotic Ghost Story -- Perfect Match
1996 《中國O 記之血腥情人》
Another Chinese Cop
1995 《黃大仙烏鼠》
Die Harder
1995 《二奶村之殺夫》
The Woman Behind
1995 《西環浮屍》
O.C.T.B. Case -- The Floating Body
1993 《烹夫》
My Better Half
1993 《新應召女郎》
The Other Side of Dolls
1993 《禁春》
Forbidden Love
1992 《素女經之挑情寶鑑》
The Story of Lady Sue
1992 《新素女艷譚》
Just Love
1992 《男盜女娼》
1992 《浪子殺手霸王花》
Killer Flower
1992 《偷試隔牆花》
Love Nest
1991 《聊齋驚艷》
Affrighted Romance
1991 《金蠶降》
Golden Venom
1991 《聊齋花弄月》
Liu Jai Home For the Intimate Ghosts
1983 《同線車》
The Turning Point LAM Kuen Ben
1981 《猛龍福星》
Twins LEUNG Pasan
1981 《線人》
The Informer
1978 《廟街女強人》
Spiteful Women
1978 《發財埋便》
Money on the Way
1977 《邪魔煞》
Devil Strikes
1975 《千奇百怪俏女傭》