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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Daniel LAU
劉丹青 | LAU Daniel

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Daniel Lau Tan-ching started working as an assistant director in the early 1960s and served under many important Cantonese film directors like Wong Toi and Lee Tit. In 1965, he wrote the screenplay to The Ghost with Six Fingers (Parts 1 & 2). The following year, he formed Gold Key Film Co. with film star Woo Fung and directed the company’s first and only production, the action caper The Warrant (1966, co-directed with Ho Hoi Kei), starring Connie Chan Po-chu and Woo Fung. Lau’s sophomore effort was an action film starring Josephine Siao and Kenneth Tsang, Rocambole (1967). When Cantonese films went into decline in the late 1960s, Lau went to Taiwan to direct the drama, When the Sun Goes Down (1969), starring Gua Ah-leh, as well as the comedy To Climb High (1972), starring Jenny Hu. During the kung-fu film craze of the mid-1970s, Lau made Dragon and Tiger (1974), starring Wang Kuan-hsiung and File of Heroes, starring Charles Heung. In 1980, he directed The Magnificent Kick, featuring veteran actors Kwan Tak-hing and Jason Pai Piao, and the same year, he made Bruce - King of Kung Fu, co-directed by and starring Bruce Le. After directing Soul Killer (1982), Lau left the film industry.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1982 《心之魔》
Soul Killer
1980 《黃飛鴻與鬼腳七》
The Magnificent Kick
1980 《醉蛇小子》
Bruce - King of Kung Fu LE Bruce
1975 《英雄榜》
File of Heroes
1974 《生龍活虎》
Dragon and Tiger
1972 《酒色財氣》
To Climb High
1969 《古道斜陽》
When the Sun Goes Down
1967 《殺手粉紅鑽》
1966 《通緝令》
The Warrant