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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Hau Wai Kenneth LAU
劉孝偉 | LAU Hau Wai Kenneth

It is fortunate to be a film director, because you can present through stories and imagination your deepest feelings, the values you believed in the most, the messages you most want to express. This is actually subliminal education and remote psychological therapy. This is actually easier for the audience to swallow and more effective. That’s why I believe a good director needs to have knowledge, experience and beliefs, because making films is never only about providing entertainment. It affects also the ideology of our society. I was only 22 when I directed my first film. I was very naïve, but it left a mark, which became precious memories in my creative journey.


Kenneth Lau Hau-wai was born in Hong Kong in 1977. He started writing for newspapers and magazines at age 17, publishing his first novel at 18. A year after that, he started working as a reporter and scriptwriter, penning between 1997 and 1999 the first five installments of the multi-chapter Troublesome Night series as well as the first two chapters of the video-film series Mysterious Story (1999).

In 1999, Lau kicked off his directing career with a bang, forming the company K.L.P.H., producing, writing and directing four films, The Faterangers (1999), Hong Kong Space Gals (1999), X Imp (1999), Wan Chai Empress (1999). In the next four years, he made over a dozen films and digital productions, including Life (2000), Hong Kong History X (2000) and Bloody Cops (2001), sometimes acting in major roles. In addition, he also produced for other directors.

Lau left the film industry in 2005. After obtaining masters’ degrees from Hong Kong Baptist University and Open University of Hong Kong, he worked on counseling, psychological therapy and education research. He also produced and directed stage plays as well as publishing novels and anthologies of his writings.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2003 《一個賭波的傳說》
The Story of Soccer Bet
2003 《九龍的天空之魔鬼屠夫》
Devil Killer
2003 《援交天使》
Enjokosai Angel
2003 《私家秘密處女》
My Secret Private Virgin
2003 《甘田一豪宅謀殺案》
Mansion Murder
2003 《千基變之向左搞向右搞》
Sexual Exchange
2003 《逆風之子》
The Prince of Storm
2002 《茶餐廳十四號》
Cafe Shop
2002 《旺角半熟少女》
Mongkok Teenage
2002 《玩盡殺絕》
Cut Off Game
2002 《恐怖Online 之靈異檔案》
Online Games
2002 《罪惡先鋒》
The Reporter
2001 《熱血刑警》
Bloody Cops
2001 《野獸童黨2 少年鎗黨》
Hong Kong History Y
2001 《魔鬼使徒》
Believer of Frighten
2000 《天地無容》
2000 《野獸童黨》
Hong Kong History X
1999 《童黨之金牌少年犯》
The Faterangers
1999 《旺角口靚妹仔》
Hong Kong Space Gals
1999 《鬼片王之再現凶榜》
X Imp
1999 《灣仔12 妹》
Wan Chai Empress