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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Koon Wai Ricky LAU
劉觀偉 | LAU Koon Wai Ricky

Love films. Continue to work hard. Never retire.


Born in Hong Kong in 1949, Ricky Lau Koon-wai grew up on the Diamond Hill studio, his father a member of the film industry. He entered the industry himself as a mechanic in a film equipment company, later serving as assistant to cinematographer Cheng Yung and following the latter to Taiwan. He became a cinematographer on a 1971 Taiwan film.

When the Taiwan film industry was hit by recession, Lau returned to Hong Kong, starting again as camera assistant and resuming cinematographer duties with The Awaken Punch (1973).

Through director Billy Chan Fu-yee, Lau came to know director and producer Sammo Hung. He served as Hung’s cinematographer on Enter the Fat Dragon (1978), the first work in a long collaboration.

Listening to Hung’s discussions with other directors and scriptwriters, Lau became interested in directing. He made his debut with Crazy Couple (1979), followed by Two Toothless Tigers (1980) the next year. Realizing that he was not prepared to direct, Lau went back to serve as Hung’s cinematographer.

Then, with the support of Hung and Golden Harvest’s Leonard Ho, Lau directed Mr. Vampire (1985), which became a huge hit, grossing HK$20 million and giving rise to the popular genre of vampire comedies.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2010 《三笑之才子佳人》
The Love of Three Smile
2010 《我是中國人》
I am Chinese
1999 《賊公子》
Super Car Criminals
1999 《生命只剩1 小時》
Life In Last Hour
1998 《恕吼狂花》
Raging Angels
1997 《檔案X 殺人犯》
The Hunted Hunter
1994 《怪俠一枝梅》
Now You See Me, Now You Don't
1994 《吸我一個吻》
The Romance of the Vampires
1992 《新殭屍先生》
Mr. Vampire 1992
1992 《五福星撞鬼》
Ghost Punting TSANG Chi Wai Eric YUEN Corey HUNG Sammo
1990 《衰鬼撬牆腳》
Till Death Shall We Start
1990 《夜魔先生》
The Nocturnal Demon
1988 《殭屍叔叔》
Mr. Vampire saga 4
1987 《靈幻先生》
Mr. Vampire III
1986 《霹靂大喇叭》
Where's Officer Bubba? CHAN Philip
1986 《霹靂大喇叭》
Where's Officer Tuba CHAN Philip
1986 《殭屍先生續集殭屍家族》
Mr. Vampire II
1985 《殭屍先生》
Mr. Vampire
1980 《甩牙老虎》
Two Toothless Tigers
1979 《無招勝有招》
Crazy Couple