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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chi LAW
羅熾 | LAW Chi

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Born into a family of filmmakers, Law Chi is the grand-nephew of producer-director and Hong Kong film pioneer Chiu Shu-sun. He entered the industry in the late 1940s, performing continuity in Cantonese films for such directors as Ng Wui, Moon Kwan and his granduncle Chiu, working his way up to assistant director in the mid-1950s

In 1959, Law made his directorial debut with a Chaozhou dialect film. He then directed the Cantonese wuxia film Tian Shan Gibbon Girl (1961), starring a young Josephine Siao. Thus began a long and prolific directing career, with dozens of titles in Cantonese, Mandarin and Chaozhou. One of his most noted film is the Jane Bond film The Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua (1966), written by the renowned novelist and scriptwriter Ni Kuang. Another highlight of his career is the kung-fu film, Wong Fei-Hung: Bravely Crushing the Fire Formation (1970), one of the best works in the Wong Fei-Hung series.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1993 《紅粉殺手》
Pink Panther
1991 《神秘彎刀》
Commando the Ninja
1991 《彎刀之謎》
Born a Ninja
1990 《鬼屋小精靈》
Haunted House Elf
1983 《觀音菩薩》
1982 《十八層地獄》
The Hell
1981 《採陽女幫主》
The Guy With Secret Kung-Fu
1981 《十殿閻羅》
Shi Dian Yan Luo
1980 《鐵公雞》
The Lost Kung Fu Secrets
1979 《錦衣衛》
A Pretended Rebel
1979 《天殘地缺》
The Crippled Masters
1979 《醉步迷猴》
Monkey Fist, Floating Snake
1978 《洪熙官, 方世玉, 陸阿采》
The Invincible Kung Fu Trio
1977 《刀劍霸王拳》
Killer From Above
1973 《無情街》
Hong Kong Connection
1973 《五雷轟頂》
1973 《黑龍》
The Black Dragon
1972 《洪門兄弟》
Hung Brothers
1971 《神劍魔劍》
Sword of Heaven and Hell
1971 《大破白蓮教》
Intruder at White Lotus Temple
1970 《冰谷魔女》
The Filial Girl at the Icy Valley
1970 《翠寒谷》
The Rivals
1970 《大賊王》
The Great Highwayman
1970 《黃飛鴻勇破烈火陣》
Wong Fei-Hung : Bravely Crushing the Fire Formation
1968 《麒麟寨》
The Unicorn Fortress
1968 《無情刀》
Fight for the Agreement
1968 《殺手劍》
The Assasinator
1968 《哪吒鬧東海》
Nazha's Adventure in the Eastern Sea
1968 《大瘋俠》
Crazy Swordsman
1968 《小五義大破銅網陣》
The Magnificent Five
1967 《女黑俠威震地獄門》
Lady in Black Cracks the Gate of Hell
1967 《貓眼女郎》
Lady With a Cat's Eyes
1966 《女黑俠木蘭花》
The Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua
1966 《玉女追兇》
The Big Chase
1966 《三娘得道》
Saam Leung Dak Diy
1966 《女黑俠木蘭花血戰黑龍黨》
The Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua Shattered the Black Dragon Gang
1965 《追兇記》
In Pursuit of the Murderer
1964 《狀元巡更》
Chong Yuen Chun Gang
1964 《風雪一枝梅》
Hsu Hsueh Mei
1964 《神龍五虎將》
Five Swordsmen
1963 《紅鬃烈馬》
Heng Poh Chuan
1961 《天山猿女》
Tian Shan Gibbon Girl
1961 《母子淚》
Mother and Son
1959 《元宵案》
The Case of Lantern Festival