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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kei LAW
羅基石 | LAW Kei

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Law Kei entered the film industry in 1963, doing continuity in the Cantonese films The Fighting of Eight Fairies in East Sea (1963), directed by Law Chi-hung. The following year, he went on to serve as Law’s assistant director in Old and Young (1964). He also started acting, the Cantonese action flick The Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua (1966) the first in a tenure of over 50 films, most of them martial arts or erotic films. His last performance was in the crime thriller Triad (2012).

Law first took the helm co-directing with Siu Sang the Cantonese wuxia film Famous Swordswoman Tin Kiu (1966), going solo the next year with Choi Lee Fat (1970). In a long and productive film career of over 30 years, he had directed more than 30 films, sometimes writing scripts for other directors.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《詠春小龍》
The Young Boxer SZETO Antony
2006 《向殺手挑戰》
Fighting To Killer
2006 《鬼厲魂》
Gui Li Hun
2004 《古宅魅影》
Fearful 24 Hours YUEN Bun
2004 《少年陳真》
Hero Youngster
2002 《家宅凶靈》
Home Ghost
2001 《血濺忠義門》
The Internal Duel
1999 《宋朝風月》
Love & Sex in Sung Dynasty KO Fei Philip
1997 《皇帝也風流》
Emperor in Lust
1994 《新七擒七縱七色狼》
Seven Sexual Maniacs
1993 《關東太陽會》
Rendez-vous of Japanese Kanto
1988 《野狼街》
Wolf Street
1985 《冷血屠夫》
Ghost Festival
1982 《冷血紅番》
Green Killer
1981 《老鼠街》
The Gold Hunters FUNG Hak On
1979 《痳瘋怪拳》
The Tigress of Shaolin
1978 《盲拳、怪招、神經刀》
Kung Fu Means Fists, Strikes and Swords
1978 《威震天南》
Bruce Li - The Invincible
1978 《脂粉大煞星》
Kung Fu Stars
1978 《荷蘭賭人頭》
Amsterdam Connection
1977 《講數》
1977 《猛龍壁虎小拳王》
The Dragon, The Lizard and The Boxer
1977 《李三腳威震地獄門》
The Dragon Lives Again
1975 《風雲八千里》
The Silent Guest From Peking
1975 《金三角龍虎門》
The Golden Triangle
1974 《烏龍教一》
The Crazy Instructor
1973 《賣命》
The Life for Sale
1973 《小偷鬥大賊》
The Rats
1973 《老虎燕星》
End of the Wicked Tigers
1973 《雙拳道》
Invincible Boxer
1970 《蔡李佛勇擒色魔》
Choi Lee Fat
1969 《名劍天驕》
Famous Swordsman Tin Kiu SIU Sang