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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chiu LEE
李釗 | LEE Chiu

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Lee Chiu (aka Li Chao) joined the stuntmen training course organized by Shaw Brothers and TVB in the late 1960s. After graduation, he worked as stuntman and actor under the choreography team of Tong Kai and Lau Kar Leung, participating in many Shaw Brothers productions, including films by director Lo Chen and martial-arts master Chang Cheh. Beginning in 1973, during the height of a martial-arts boom, he worked as action choreographer and actor on a number of low-budget action films in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Lee made his directorial debut in 1978 with the action film Ways of Kung- Fu, featuring the martial-arts star Chi Kuan-chun, who also invested on the film. The following year Lee formed Chao Lik Films, serving as producer and director on the kung-fu film Cantonese Iron Kung Fu (1979), starring Bryan Leung. Lee later directed many action films as well as the social realist film The Way To Hell (1980) and the gangster film Struggle For Leader (1983). In 1992 Lee started working in Mainland China, directing martial arts films such as Martial Arts Master Wong Fei Hung (1992), Kung Fu Kid (1994) and 3 Kung Fu Kids (1995, co-directed with Sheng Jiaqi). His most recent project was Who is the Real Hero? (2013), a television series set in the Sino- Japanese War, for which he was responsible for the action scenes.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2011 《舞出精彩人生》
Wu Chu Jing Cai Ren Sheng
2007 《鷹爪門》
The School of Eagle's Claw
2007 《奪寶》
Duo Bao
2007 《情洒虎度門》
Love Behind Curtain
2007 《揮舞彩虹》
The Story of Xiaojie and Liangliang
2006 《捉鬼》
To Catch a Ghost
2006 《新唐伯虎》
The New Adventures of Tang Bohu
2005 《反斗小子》
Football Little Captain
2004 《無敵英雄》
An Invincible Hero
2002 《暴風少年之鴻門宴》
Raging Youth : bloody Banquet
2002 《古惑仔之龍在中國》
Street Kids: Sino Combat
2002 《戀愛大過天》
Love Fantasy
2001 《暴風少年之三大家族》
Raging Youth: Organized Crime
2000 《猛龍特警之天羅地網》
2000 《暴風少年之紐約教父》
Raging Youth: Who's the Boss?
1999 《藍色情迷》
Love is Blue
1999 《小心女人》
1999 《致命誘惑》
1999 《古惑仔之在走馬崗的日子》
Street Kids–Early Life
1999 《古惑仔之決戰香港》
Street Kids - The Final Combat
1999 《古惑仔之濠江龍虎鬥》
Street Kids : Macau Warrior
1999 《古惑仔之大戰拉斯維加斯》
Street Kids: Las Vegas Encounter
1999 《古惑仔之黑道人渣》
Street Kids : The Underdog
1999 《古惑仔之衝出亞洲》
Street Kids : Rage to Kill
1999 《古惑仔之再戰邊沿》
Street Kids : Dangerous Run
1999 《古惑仔之極速風暴》
Street Kids : Speedy Storm
1999 《賭王千霸之逢賭必贏》
Gambler Series : Invincible Gambler
1999 《賭王千霸之大殺三方》
Gambler Series : No Way Out /
1999 《賭王千霸之光棍遇著無皮柴》
Gambler Series : Fraudelent Culture
1999 《小心警察》
Watch Out
1999 《警察大賊》
Budd Head
1999 《奪命驚呼》
1999 《金錢誘惑》
Money Attraction
1999 《愛情遊戲》
Game of Love
1998 《97 重案實錄》
Big Job
1997 《新警察故事之人間有情》
1997 《猛龍特警之天羅地網》
1995 《天子驕龍》
Little Hero on the Run TIN Kai Man Tenky
1995 《摩登童子功》
3 Kung Fu Kids
1994 《少林英雄之方世玉洪熙官》
Kung Fu Kid
1994 《開發區殺人事件》
Marked for Murder TIN Kai Man Tenky
1992 《黃飛鴻系列之一代宗師》
Martial Arts Master Wong Fei Hung
1991 《禿鷹檔案》
Mission of Condor .
1990 《奪命情緣》
Fatal Love
1989 《十面埋伏》
A Punch To Revenge
1985 《超齡處男》
Oh, My God
1985 《俠影神劍》
Knight's Sword
1985 《刀霸》
Grand Fighter
1985 《幸運小子》
Magnificent Guy
1985 《神劍七式》
Spirit of the Sword
1985 《水滸英雄楊志》
Men are Brothers
1985 《雙龍爭珠》
Proud Twins
1983 《第一把交椅》
Struggle For Leader
1983 《邪花劫》
The Murder
1983 《亂世出英雄》
Out of the Chaos Come the Heroes
1982 《陰忌》
Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave
1981 《大殘拳》
Crippled Kung Fu Boxer
1980 《天堂夢》
The Way To Hell
1980 《識英雄重英雄》
Two On The Road
1979 《廣東鐵橋三》
Cantonese Iron Kung Fu
1978 《身形拳法與步法》
Ways of Kung-Fu