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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Julie LEE
李華月 | LEE Julie

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Julie Lee Wah-yuet was born in 1956 and had lived in the United States for many years. Beginning in 1992, she started acting in films, mostly in Category 3 erotic films like Dr. Lamb (1992), Prostitute (1992), The Untold Story (1993), Emotional Girl– Doubt of Undress (1993), Love to Kill (1993), Body Lover (1993), A Chinese Torture Chamber Story (1994), Sex and the Emperor (1994) and Portrait of a Serial Rapist (1994). Except for a supporting role in Prostitute, she only had minor parts that require nudity. Seeking a breakthrough in her career, Lee announced in 1995 that she would write, direct and present her own film, Trilogy of Lust. She recruited her leading men through the media, claiming that the candidate had to “go the full length and be realistic to the extreme”, which captured lots of attention. Lee then co-directed Trilogy of Lust II with Jiro Ishimura, which also featured sensationalistic erotic scenes. Perhaps because both films flopped at the box office, Lee cancelled the third film in her trilogy and retired from filmmaking.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1995 《血戀》
Trilogy of Lust MOU Tun Fei
1995 《血戀II》
Trilogy of Lust II