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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kin Sang Chris LEE
李健生 | LEE Kin Sang Chris

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Chris Lee Kin-sang was born in China in 1962. Because of his dislike for school, he joined the circus at the age of 7 and was later schooled in the Shaolin martial arts. He came to Hong Kong in late 1970 and started working at Shaw Brothers Studio as a stuntman, joining Jackie Chan’s troupe in the 1980s. He was seriously injured on the set of Police Story (1985), passing out for six hours. In 1986, he worked as the chief action choreographer on Champion Operation (1986). His most notable works (some done in collaboration with others) include In the Line of Duty III (1988), In the Line of Duty V - Middle Man (1990), Undeclared War (1990), Shanghai 1920 (1991), The Wicked City (1992) and Burning Paradise (1994).

Lee made his directorial debut in 1991 with the action film Queen’s High and followed with other action films such as Shanghai Heroic Story (1994) and Crystal Fortune Run (1994). He also acted as producer on Don't Stop My Crazy Love for You (1993), Malevolent Mate (1993) and Drunken Master III (1994). After directing Back for Your Life (1996), Lee retired from film. In 2003, he was persuaded by Stephen Tung Wai to come out of retirement to act as action choreographer on Heroic Duo, directed by Benny Chan Muk-sing.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1996 《索命》
Back for Your Life
1994 《暴風眼》
Crystal Fortune Run MAK Tai Kit Peter
1992 《英雄地之小刀會》
Shanghai Heroic Story
1991 《紅粉至尊》
Queen's High