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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Lik Chee LEE
李力持 | LEE Lik Chee

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Lee Lik-chee was born in Hong Kong in 1961. He started as a production assistant at Asian Television Limited (ATV) in 1984 before being promoted to the position of director, a role which he also held after switching to Television Broadcasts (TVB). His most recognizable series at TVB are The Final Combat and The Justice of Life, both starring Shephen Chow, the future comedy star.

In 1990, Lee wrote and directed his first film, The Set Up, featuring Anthony Wong and Liu Wai-hung. A year later, he directed Chow and Teresa Mo in the Cinema City production, The Magnificent Scoundrels. Lee and Chow formed a longtime partnership that was responsible for some of the highest-grossing comedies in the 1990s, including Love on Delivery (1994), From China with Love (1994), The God of Cookery (1996) and King of Comedy (1999). He also acted as executive director for Legend of the Dragon (1991), which was directed by Danny Lee Sauyin, and Shaolin Soccer (2001), a solo directorial effort by Chow. The pair was hailed as the “golden partnership” of Hong Kong comedy, establishing Lee’s status as an A-list director while Chow was the undisputed king of comedy. They were also the poster boys of the “mo lei tau” (meaning “nonsensical” in Cantonese) style of comedy.

Lee has also been active in other areas, including a vast experience in television production, radio-hosting and writing columns for print and online media. In 2003, he and over a dozen young film workers formed umovie.com, in which he remains active. Lee puts a great amount of effort in teaching short-film production at college-level institutions and high schools. The educational DVDs released by umovie also sold handsomely. He had often given talks and lectures at various university events, encouraging students to embrace positive values.

In 2011, Lee set a precedent with the production of Hong Kong’s first ever high-definition movie, 4 in Life (2011) made with the participation of teachers and students. The film was met with warm reception at the 12th China International Children’s Film Festival. He shot another film with real-life teachers and students as actors in 2013-a first project of its kind in mainland China. Lee has also introduced his “MD5319” film-and-television training program in mainland China with the hopes of assisting young people to fulfill their dreams of becoming filmmakers.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《年少輕狂》
English Title not available
2011 《四季人生》
4 in Life
2010 《唐伯虎點秋香2 之四大才子》
Flirting Scholar 2
1999 《喜劇之王》
King of Comedy CHOW Sing Chi Stephen
1998 《行運一條龍》
The Lucky Guy
1997 《愛您愛到殺死您》
Killing Me Tenderly
1996 《食神》
God of Cockery CHOW Sing Chi Stephen
1996 《食神》
The God of Cookery CHOW Sing Chi Stephen
1995 《整蠱王》
Tricky Business
1995 《追女仔95 之綺夢》
Romantic Dream
1995 《十兄弟》
Ten Brothers
1994 《國產凌凌漆》
From Beijing With Love CHOW Sing Chi Stephen
1994 《破壞之王》
Love on Delivery
1994 《國產凌凌漆》
From China with Love CHOW Sing Chi Stephen
1994 《戀愛的天空》
Modern Romance WONG Jing LAU Andrew LAM Wai Lun
1993 《黃飛鴻對黃飛鴻》
Master Wong Vs Master Wong
1993 《唐伯虎點秋香》
Flirting Scholar
1993 《廣東五虎之鐵拳無敵孫中山》
Tigers – The Legend of Canton
1992 《黃飛鴻笑傳》
Once upon a Time a Hero in China
1991 《情聖》
The Magnificent Scoundrels
1990 《越柙飛龍》
The Set Up