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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Sam LEONG
梁德森 | LEONG Sam

Recently, I experienced the greatest set-back of my career. At first I considered leaving the industry, but then I discovered how much I treasure working in films. I have decided to soldier on till the end!


Sam Leong Tak-sam is an independent filmmaker who has worked as a producer, director and scriptwriter. Born in 1960 in Macau, Leong studied in Japan in 1984 at the Japan Institute of the Moving Image, founded by famed Japanese director Shohei Imamura. After returning to Hong Kong, Leong was hired, on the basis of his proficiency in Japanese, as Golden Harvest producer Chua Lam’s assistant when the studio made Peacock King (1989), a co-production with Japan. Leong stayed on with Golden Harvest to work as assistant director on numerous productions, leaving in 1993 to work for various independent film companies. He founded his own company, Same Way Production in 1999 to produce and distribute films, television programs and commercials, many of which were Hong Kong-Japan co-productions. The company’s first feature production was No Problem (1999), directed by Alfred Cheung. Leung also wrote and directed Color of Pain (2002), Perfect Education 3 (2002) and Explosive City (2004) in collaboration with the Japanese company Art Port. In the next few years, Leung focused on producing films for other directors, producing the Soi Cheang-directed Dog Bite Dog (2006) and Shamo (2007).

In 2010, Leung directed a evangelical film, The Most Dangerous Man, and a series of digital films titled In the Name of Love. In 2012, he directed a suspense horror film in Mainland China, The Incredible Truth.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《瘟泉》
The Incredible Truth
2013 《星願下的足印》
The Footprints
2013 《殺人犯的石頭》
The First Stone
2013 《魔術師的寶貝》
The Hidden Treasure
2013 《我的野獸女友》
Romance D'Latte
2010 《最.危險人物》
The Most Dangerous Man
2004 《爆裂都市》
Explosive City
2002 《野狼》
Color of Pain
2002 《禁室培慾3 香港情夜》
Perfect Education 3
2002 《非常凶姐》
The Stewardess
2001 《男人三十攪攪震》
Maniacal Night