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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chi Keung LEUNG
梁治強 | LEUNG Chi Keung

Film is an art of regrets — many a time only when a film is done, you discover that there are still much room for improvement. Hence, I recommend every new director to treasure every scarce opportunity. If you missed your chance, there might not be a second one because it could have gone to someone else. Secondly, you shall not slack on any time on any part of your job, regardless of its importance. Your regrets can only be minimized by giving your best.

To the Hong Kong filmmakers who are still quietly cultivating the field, I pay my respects.


Leung Chi-keung was born in Hong Kong in 1950. In 1968, He joined the production department of the Mandarin film company Great Wall, an important left-wing studio that helped shaped Hong Kong cinema, serving as script supervisor and unit manager while writing music reviews and columns for newspapers on the side. After co-writing the screenplay for White Hair Devil Lady (1980) with Cheung Sing-yim in 1979, Leung became a professional screenwriter.

In 1981, Leung wrote and directed the comedy Here Comes Fortune, then co-directed the Sino-Vietnamese War film Code Name Flash (1987) with Chu Am. Stealing is No Crime, a comedy which Leung wrote and directed, was released in 1989. He also wrote the script of Kids from Shaolin (1984) and the story of Temptation of Dance (1985). In addition, he was involved with, though not credited for, the screenplays of Vampire’s Breakfast (1987) and The Musical Vampire. Later, he and other writers cowrote the 100-episode situation drama series Hong Kong Family (2000) and the action series A True Cop Story for Asia Television Limited (ATV).

Leung is currently a committee member of the South China Film Industry Workers Union, a long-time Hong Kong filmmakers group.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1989 《我愛賊阿爸》
Stealing Is No Crime
1987 《閃電戰士》
Code Name Flash CHU Am
1981 《財神到》
Here Comes Fortune