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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Hung Wah Tony LEUNG
梁鴻華 | LEUNG Hung Wah Tony

Art draws its material from daily lives and purifies the material, returning it to the origin of our daily lives. To purify is to start from zero.

Life is an infinite series of repetitions. In this tedious and repetitive process, one must search for change and reformation. The motivation behind this search is creativity.

Creativity does not belong only to young directors. The issue with some older directors is that they are trapped in beautiful memories of the past, refusing to walk out.

I am elated to see that directors who were born in the 1950s and those born in the 1990s can collectively create a new paradise for the performing arts sector.


Tony Leung Hung-wah entered show business at the age of nine, acting in children’s dramas and hosting children’s programs at Television Broadcast Limited (TVB). At 19, he was accepted into TVB’s artist training program. Upon graduation, he not only found many acting opportunities but also a chance to write scripts for movies such as Men from the Gutter (1983) and Brothers from Walled City (1982). He also acted in Brothers from Walled City. From 1989 to 1992, he worked for D & B Films and was responsible for the planning of projects and writing. His writing credits include Happy Together (1989), Heart Into Hearts (1990), A Bite of Love (1990), Middle Man (1990) and To Catch a Thief (1991), all box-office hits that earned over HK$ 10 million apiece.

In 1996, Leung took on directing duties for the first time and codirected Mystery Files with Chiang Kar-chun and Wong Chingwah. The lack of commercial success meant that Leung had to wait for three years before his next chance at the helm. In his forty-plus-year career, the multi-talented filmmaker has also produced over 50 features and acted in over 20.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2007 《黑道之無悔今生》
The Sparkle in the Dark
2005 《魔幻賭船》
A Wondrous Bet
2005 《PTU 女警之偶然陷阱》
PTU File –Death Trap
2005 《飄移凶間》
Demoniac Flash
2003 《五個墮落的男女》
We're Not the Worst
2003 《野獸特警2003》
A Fight to the Finish
2003 《藍寶石指環》
Follow You Loving You
2003 《流氓經紀》
Rascal Agent WONG Ka Fai
2003 《天使死神》
The Dark Side of My Mind
2003 《拜錯神》
Deals With the Dark
2002 《狙擊目標》
The Assailant
2001 《趕屍先生》
Vampire Controller
2000 《改正歸邪》
Return to Dark
2000 《無法無天》
A Game of No Rule
2000 《陰風耳》
Sound From the Dark
2000 《Q 畸戀人》
Queenie & King the Lovers
2000 《山村老屍II 色之惡鬼》
A Wicked Ghost II : The Fear NAM Chi Wai Francis
1999 《人肉玩具》
A Lamb in Despair
1999 《山村老屍》
A Wicked Ghost
1996 《金田一手稿之奇異檔案》
Mystery Files WONG Sherman CHIANG Kar Chun Jeffery