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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Ka Shu Tommy LEUNG
梁家樹 | LEUNG Ka Shu Tommy

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Tommy Leung Ka-shu worked as editor and cinematographer for German and Italian news agencies in the 1970s, later taking on translating wire copies for them. He joined TVB in 1973 and was initially responsible for producing promotional clips, but was later transferred to the variety show department. Within a few years he rose through the ranks from production assistant to director. In 1978, he became the producer for the variety show Bang Bang.

Leung directed his first feature, the children’s film Do-Re-Me (1980), under a pseudonym. In 1981, after TVB decided to add a 12-minute segment of serial drama to the popular variety show Enjoy Yourself Tonight, Leung a number of series for the show. In 1982, he left TVB to pursue filmmaking, directing such works as the comedies Lovers Blades (1982), The Company (1984), Playboy Doctor (1984) and Crazy Romance (1985). He returned to TVB in 1985 to work as producer, responsible for such series as The Legend of Lady Chung (1985), The Turbulent Decade (1986), Flying Squads (1989), The Family Squad (1991), A Recipe for the Heart (1997), Golden Faith (2002), Survivor’s Law (2003) and The Drive of Life (2007).

On a break from TVB, he directed the features Mother Vs Mother (1988) and Love Is Love (1990), the latter starring Stephen Chow, who was on the verge of becoming a superstar. Leung was later promoted to Head of Production at TVB and was mainly responsible for executive duties. In addition, he served as producer of the TVB-backed feature films Turning Point (2009) and Turning Point 2 (2011). In recent years, Leung’s output as a television producer was limited to the two series, ICAC Investigators 2009 (2009) and Growing Through Life (2010).

Leung retired in early 2014 and took up the post of senior consultant at Shaw Moviecity while making preparations to turn the popular TVB series Triumph in the Skies II (2013) into a feature film.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1991 《一世好命》
You Bet Your Life
1990 《望夫成龍》
Love Is Love
1988 《南北媽打》
Mother Vs Mother
1985 《求愛反斗星》
Crazy Romance
1984 《孖襟兄弟》
The Company
1984 《花心蘿蔔》
Playboy Doctor
1982 《拖手仔》
Lovers Blades
1980 《123》