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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Pak Kin Patrick LEUNG
梁柏堅 | LEUNG Pak Kin Patrick

John Woo’s main influence on me is not limited to film making techniques, but also his attitude towards cinema. Even though we were making commercial films, Woo’s total commitment to his work still inspires me to continue working in this industry. Those who know the master well realize that he gave a great deal of freedom to new director’s like me. Together we made many commercially successful films, but there is no secret formula. The most important thing in a film is communication with the audience. No matter if one is making a commercial film, art film or tragedy, it is crucial to cultivate certain feelings in one’s heart, and then communicate this feeling to the audience through filmic means.

(Excerpted from http://movie.ifensi.com/article-428954.html,2 Aug., 2011)


Patrick Leung Pak-kin was born in Hong Kong in 1959. While studying at the School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist College (now Hong Kong Baptist University), he worked continuity on John Woo’s To Hell with the Devil (1982). Upon graduation, he worked for three months in an advertising company before joining Cinema City as assistant director. Later, he went to Taiwan to serve as John Woo’s assistant director and producer on The Time You Need a Friend (1984) and Run, Tiger, Run (1984). After returning to Hong Kong, he worked as associate producer on Happy Ghost (1984) and Happy Ghost II (1985), and was reunited with John Woo as his assistant director on the groundbreaking gangster film A Better Tomorrow (1986), A Better Tomorrow II (1987), The Killer (1989), Once a Thief (1991) and Hard Boiled (1992), and also the line producer and scriptwriter on Bullet in the Head (1990). In addition, Leung had worked with such directors as Ann Hui, Johnnie To and Benny Chan.

With his debut, Somebody Up There Likes Me (1996), Leung quickly made a name for himself. The film was nominated for Best Action Choreography at the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan and Best Cinematography and Best Editing nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Thereafter, he made more than a dozen films of different genres, including the action films Born Wild (2001) and The Twins Effect II (2004, co-directed with Corey Yuen), popular comedies like La Brassiere (2002) and Simply Actors (2007), both co-directed with Chan Hing-kai, romance dramas such as Good Times, Bed Times (2003, co-directed with Chan Hing-kai). Jaycee Chan was nominated for Best New Actor for his role in The Twins Effect II, while Charlene Choi was nominated for Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards for Simply Actors.

In recent years, Leung has been making films for the Mainland Chinese market. After directing Breaking the Waves in 2010, he completed Wu Dang in 2012.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2012 《大武當之天地密碼》
Wu Dang
2010 《激浪青春》
Breaking the Waves
2007 《戲王之王》
Simply Actors CHAN Hing Kai
2006 《黑夜》
Black Night
2004 《千機變II 花都大戰》
The Twins Effect II YUEN Corey
2003 《戀上你的床》
Good Times, Bed Times CHAN Hing Kai
2002 《絕世好B》
Mighty Baby CHAN Hing Kai
2002 《魂魄唔齊》
2001 《絕世好Bra》
La Brassiere CHAN Hing Kai
2001 《野獸之瞳》
Born Wild
1997 《熱血最強》
Task Force
1996 《浪漫風暴》
Somebody Up There Likes Me
1996 《攝氏32 度》
Beyond Hypothermia