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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wang Fat LEUNG
梁宏發 | LEUNG Wang Fat

I am grateful to have this opportunity to say what I have wanted to say for almost 30 years. I want to thank my wife, Norman Chan Hok-yan and his wife, Run Run Shaw, Wong Jing, Johnnie To, Jonathan Chik Ki-yee, Anthony Wong Chau-sang, Francis Ng Chun-yu, Wong Cheung-lai, Lai Ching-po, Kwok Wai-chung, Chang Li-ling, Sunny Luk Kimching, and everyone who had lent me a hand all these years. Even though I cannot claim to be a great success now, I am certain that without you, my life would have been very dull and I would be an ill-informed person. That is why I am determined to stay the course in my film career so that more people can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Among the actors I had worked with, I most admire Francis Ng Chun-yu. He is dedicated and focused, as well as in possession of endless passion. Great!

Lastly, if I were not a director, I would most likely be a tennis coach, because I like the beauty of action, perseverance and organization!


Kant Leung Wang-fat was born in Hong Kong in 1961 and entered the film industry in the 1980s. Over the years, he had taken part in many different posts, including assistant director, scriptwriter and actor. In recent years, he has been working in Mainland China on feature films and television series.

Leung had directed a number of films in the 1990s and 2000s, debuting with Girls in the Hood (1995, co-directed with Lo Souchour). Most of his works are actioners or films with explosive topics, such as The Demon’s Baby (1998), a horror actioner with man-eating ghosts, and Sexy and Dangerous 2 (2000), an action thriller featuring a gang of fighting young women.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2001 《最後通牒》
2000 《古惑女2》
Sex And Dangerous 2
2000 《火爆刑警》
Violent Cop
2000 《無期徒刑》
Chinese Midnight Express 2
1999 《古惑仔激情篇之洪興大飛哥》
The Legendary Tai Fei
1998 《行運秘笈》
How to Get Rich by Fung Shui? CHIN Man Kei Cash
1998 《行運秘笈》
How To get Rich By Fung Shui CHIN Man Kei Cash
1998 《猛鬼食人胎》
The Demon's Baby
1995 《老泥妹》
Girls in the hood LO Sou Chour
1994 《老泥妹》
Girls In The Hood LO Sou Chour