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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chen LO
羅臻 | LO Chen

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Lo Chen was born in Shanghai in 1924 (or 1923) and studied journalism and foreign language in Shanghai while also dabbling in poetry and acted on stage. He moved to Hong Kong in 1947, working as script supervisor and assistant director for the Mandarin cinema studio Great China Film Company. When the company closed in 1949, he freelanced in the movie industry and started writing scripts. His first screenplay, Love Song (1953), was the directorial debut of popular actor Wang Hao. He continued to write, his credits including renowned stylist Ma-Xu Weibang’s The Haunted House (1949), The King of Devils (1956) and The Renascent Rosebud (1957) as well as the respected director Griffin Yue Feng’s Merry-Go-Round (1956). In 1956, Lo was the recipient of the Best Screenplay Award at the South-East Asia Film Festival (now Asia-Pacific Film Festival) for the Bu Wancang-directed The Long Lane. His win marked the first time a major award was won by a Chinese in this festival (actresses Li Li-hua and Josephine Siao had been honored in previous years, but their awards were Special Prizes).

That year, Lo also got his first chance at the helmer’s chair, co-directing Fresh Peony (1956) with actress Pai Kuang, the sultry diva nicknamed Bewitching Beauty of All Ages. He followed that a number of films, often doubling as screenwriter. In 1960, he joined Shaw Brothers Studio as contract director and head of the screenwriting division. His first film for Shaw was Flames of Passion (1960), followed by a steady output in the 1960s, earning a reputation for directing melodramas, with such works as The Second Spring (1962), The Shepherd Girl (1964), Vermillion Door (1965), Too Late for Love (1967), Swan Song (1967), Raw Passions (1969), Torrent of Desire (1969) and My Son (1970).

Lo left Shaws in 1970 but continued to direct, working in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 1974, he returned to Shaws with a two-year contract, directing Erotic Nights (1976) and several other films. He immigrated to San Francisco in the 1990s and died from heart diseases on January 31st, 2003.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1971 《瘋狂殺手》
The Mad Killer NG See Yuen
1964 《新啼笑姻緣》
Between Tears and Laughter WONG Sing Loy HO Meng Hwa
1961 《賣吻記》
Kiss for Sale
1960 《湘女多情》
The Lovesick Woman
1960 《慾火焚身》
Flames of Passion
1960 《魚水重歡》
Happily Ever After
1959 《接財神》
Welcome, God of Wealth!
1958 《呂四娘》
Story of Lu Si Niang
1956 《鮮牡丹》
Fresh Peony