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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Di Ming LO
盧旳明 | LO Di Ming

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Jean Lo Di-ming (aka Lo Kin), was born in Hong Kong in 1954. After finishing his degree in communications at the Hong Kong Baptist University in 1976, he joined The Star newspaper as a reporter before working as graphic designer for Graphic Communications in 1977. The following year, Lo became a copywriter at Tai Ping Advertising and was later promoted to assistant creative director. In 1980, he collaborated with Riley Yip on the script of the horror film Devil Cat, which however was not release. He then enrolled in the screenwriting program at Television Broadcasts (TVB), where he later worked as assistant director in the drama department before becoming a director, working for producers in the likes of Wong Tin-lam, Kam Kwokleung, Gary Chow Sai-hau and Yau Ka-hung.

In 1982, Lo joined Cinema City, scripting for He Lives by Night (1982). His other writing credits include Espirit d’amour (1983), Lifeline Express (1984) and Heaven Can Help (1984). In the second half of the 1980s, his screenwriting took him to various production companies, including Golden Harvest; Sammo Hung’s Bojon Films and Bo Ho Films; and Jackie Chan’s Golden Way Films. Lo was involved with writing the original stories or scripts for My Lucky Stars (1985), Twinkle Twinkle, Lucky Stars (1985), Lucky Stars Go Places (1986), Amour of God (1987) and Pedicab Driver (1988), among other films.

Lo began directing in 1986, helming a segment of The Strange Bedfellow (1986). He later directed other features, such as The Final Test (1987), Heartbeat 100 (1987), Into the Night (1988) and In the Lap of God (1991). In 1994, he started Production Plaza and directed Doug’s Choice (1994), Spider Woman (1995) and No. 1, 3rd Ave (2003). He also formed a multimedia production company in 1997, which focused on website and multimedia content as well as advertisement production. Since 1998, Lo had been shuttling between Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2003 《大迫遷》
No 1, 3rd Ave
1995 《蜘蛛女》
Spider Woman
1994 《阿德晒命》
Doug's Choice
1993 《危情》
Fatal Love
1992 《精靈變》
Banana Spirit
1991 《蠻荒的童話》
In the Lap of God
1989 《烈火街頭》
Into the Fire
1988 《驚魂今晚夜》
Into the Night
1987 《心跳一百》
Heartbeat 100 CHENG Jut Si Kent
1987 《最後一戰》
The Final Test
1986 《兩公婆八條心》
The Strange Bedfellow TSANG Chi Wai Eric