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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kwan Hung LO
羅君雄 | LO Kwan Hung

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Born in 1919, Lo Kwan-hung moved to Hong Kong when he was 13. His cousin Lo Chi-hung, a filmmaker, introduced him to the film industry in the 1930s. He started out as a production assistant and later became a script supervisor, which exposed him to other aspects of the field, including project development, editing and cinematography. In 1946, he was hired as cinematographer’s assistant for the Zhu Shi-lin-directed Mandarin film You’re Smart in One Way, I in Another and was also tasked with developing production stills. In 1947, during the production of Cantonese cinema director Lee Tit’s The Remorseful Rich, Lo was promoted to the post of cinematographer after the first day of shooting since the original cinematographer did not know how to operate a viewfinder.

The 1940s and 50s was a fruitful time for Lo as a cinematographer, lensing such classics as Tragedy on the Pearl River (1950), The Dividing Wall (1952), This Wonderful Life (1954) and Between Fire and Water (1955). He later joined the leftwing company Feng Huang Motion Picture, learning the ropes of directing under Zhu. In a career spanning over three decades, Lo has been a cinematographer, director, production manager, studio manager and other roles for various production companies. He was also one of the founding members of the important South China Industry Workers Union.

Lo created a remarkable phenomenon when he directed and photographed the documentary Water Comes over the Hills from the East (1965), a surprise hit that became the second Hong Kong film -- and the first documentary -- to gross over HK$1 million. The film was a response to the severe water shortage in the late 1950s and early 1960s, when Hong Kong residents were subjected to a mere four-hour supply of water every four days. Lo first used leftover stock to chronicle the situation, making the short piece Drought in Hong Kong, shown as shortsubject accompaniment with Feng Huang’s romantic comedy Sophisticated (1963). He then expanded it to the feature-length Water Comes over the Hills from the East, releasing it in March, 1963 to coincide with the advent of Hong Kong’s import of East River water from Guangdong. The documentary quickly became the talk of the town and a box-office sensation.

Lo immigrated to Canada after retiring from film and died in Toronto on March 3, 2009 at the age of 91.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1989 《中國三軍揭秘》
The Secret of Chinese Army
1986 《神州大地女兒國》
China Unknown
1985 《中國神童》
Incredible Kids in China
1978 《上海》
Shanghai BOW Fong
1978 《祥林嫂》
Mistress Hsien Lin
1972 《歡樂的廣州》
Jubilant Kwangchow BOW Fong
1970 《失蹤的少女》
The Missing
1969 《少男少女》
Three Teenagers
1968 《石敢當》
The Bold Ones
1967 《秀才奇遇記》
Adventures of a Scholar
1965 《十月新娘》
October Bride
1965 《東江之水越山來》
Water Comes Over the Hills From the East
1963 《嬌滴滴小姐》
1962 《神出鬼沒》
Shadow of a Ghost
1960 《草木皆兵》
Alarm Conscious
1959 《真假千金》
A Girl in Disguise CHAN Ching Po
1959 《青春幻想曲》
Fantasy of Youth
1959 《野玫瑰》
Wild Rose
1958 《玉手擒兇》
The Culprit
1957 《男大當婚》
Troubles of the Bachelors CHAN Ching Po
1957 《丁香姑娘》
Beauty Parlour Girls
1956 《寂寞的心》
The Foolish Heart CHAN Ching Po
1956 《寂莫的心》
The Foolish Heart CHAN Ching Po
1955 《闔第光臨》
Full House