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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Mar John LO
羅馬 | LO Mar John

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John Lo Mar was born in Guangdong, China, in 1938. In the mid-1950s, he attended actor Wang Yuan-long’s China Film Institute and joined The Shaw Brothers Studio in 1957 as an actor, playing mostly supporting roles. Later he turned to writing scripts for radio stations and film, penning The Search of Love One (1961), starring Josephine Siao and Butterfly Hu; and the Cantonese Opera film The Temple of the Golden Orchid (1961). He also wrote popular novels for Universal Press. Among his books, Deeply Indebted (1962) and I’ll Make My Own Choice (1966) were adapted into movies.

In 1967, Lo began to direct Cantonese films, debuting with Sister’s Lover (1967), followed by such works as Auld Land Syne (1968), Red Light, Green Light (1969) and Miss Not Home (1970). At the decline of Cantonese cinema in the late 1960s, Lo switched to Mandarin movies. He had directed melodramas such the Jenny Wu and Alan Tang vehicles Bus Stop (1971), Maria (1971), Impetuous Fire (1972) and Back Street (1973). He also directed action films like Black List (1972), Black Guide (1973), Tiger (1973) and The Escaped Convict (1974). In 1973, he returned to Shaw Brothers and directed Yeh Feng and Wang Sha in the Cantonese comedy Crazy Bumpkins (1974), which won an award at the Asian Film Festival and spawned three sequels due to its popularity. He also directed a variety of other films for Shaws, including The Happy Trio (1975), Thief of Thieves (1975), Salina (1975), Bruce Lee and I (1976) and The Girlie Bar (1976).

Lo continued to direct in Hong Kong and Taiwan after his Shaws contract expired, including Orchid in the Rain (1977), featuring Brigitte Lin and Alan Tang. He also formed the Lo Mar Company and directed films such as the award-winning drama Forever and Ever (1977) as well as sensational social exposés like Sweeping Call Girls (1979) and Second Class Resident (1981).

Lo retired from the film industry in 1982.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1981 《二等良民》
Second Class Resident
1980 《迷蹤霍元甲》
Young Hero
1979 《出籠馬騮》
Monkey Kung Fu
1979 《唐山五虎》
Five Superfighters
1979 《掃黃奇趣錄》
Sweeping Call Girls
1979 《佛都有火》
The Boxer from the Temple
1979 《醒目仔》
Young Outcasts
1978 《槍神》
Magnificent Spearman
1978 《想愛不敢愛》
To Love or Not to Love
1978 《追》
The Chase
1977 《幽蘭在雨中》
Orchid in the Rain
1977 《今生今世》
Forever and Ever
1977 《飛女芝芝》
1976 《李小龍與我》
Bruce Lee and I
1976 《阿牛發達記》
Big Times for the Crazy Bumpkins
1976 《酒帘》
The Girlie Bar
1976 《阿牛奇遇記》
Crazy Bumpkin in Singapore
1975 《雙星伴月》
The Happy Trio
1975 《危險的十七歲》
1975 《阿牛出獄記》
Return of the Crazy Bumpkin
1975 《賊公計小偷才》
Thief of Thieves
1975 《烏龍賊阿爸》
The Nutty Crook
1974 《阿牛入城記》
Crazy Bumpkins
1974 《逃獄犯》
The Escaped Convict YU Chik Lim
1973 《血洒後街》
Back Street
1973 《黑人物》
Black Guide
1973 《大除害》
1972 《火戀》
Impetuous Fire
1972 《黑名單》
Black List
1971 《浪子與修女》
1971 《巴士站》
Bus Stop
1971 《鈔票與我》
Money and I
1970 《小姐不在家》
Miss Not Home
1969 《紅燈綠燈》
Red Light, Green Light
1968 《春曉人歸時》
Auld Land Syne
1967 《姐姐的情人》
Sister's Lover