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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wai Tak Tommy LOR
羅惠德 | LOR Wai Tak Tommy

Working as a director for so many years, I had experienced much happiness and sorrow. Making films is like having a child – hoping that he’d have a good career, an outstanding life and would contribute to society… Film is an industry of collectives; a good film needs a good script, good actors, a good cinematographer, good art design and, during post production, editing and music are also important! The director has to integrate everything, putting his personal stamp on it and supervise production quality. Only with all these can the film has a chance to be good.

The most memorable experience in my career as director was also the moment when cameras were turned off at the finish of my first film. The setting was Taiwan’s hot spring area and the crew threw me in the water. I was happy.

The actor I respect most is Lai Yiu-cheung. Shooting Osaka Wrestling Restaurant at Osaka, I told him: “your talents had not been totally realized! You’ll have a chance at Best Actor!” He is now Best Actor ( on television ) !

If I’m not a director, I wish to be a producer, making films I like.


Tommy Lor Wai-tak was born in Hong Kong and, driven by a love of film, entered the industry in the 1990s. He worked initially as assistant director, with directors such as Johnnie To, Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam, contributing to over 30 films like Burning Paradise (1994), The Suspect (1998) and Seven Swords (2005).

Lo became a director with Eternal Love (2000), starring Alex Fong, Yoyo Mung and Helena Law. With over a dozen titles under his belt, Lo had devoted his life to film.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2012 《天鐘》
One Day
2011 《蔡李彿》
Choy Lee Fut
2010 《我要做o靚模》
Hong Kong Dolls
2009 《大胃王》
2006 《妻骨未寒》
Wife From Hell
2005 《分婚中唔要你》
Seven Day Love
2004 《大阪撻一餐》
Osaka Wrestling Restaurant
2003 《西貢的童話》
Sai Kung Story
2003 《大事件二龍鬥》
Big Event
2002 《花園街1 號》
Love in Garden Street
2002 《飄忽男女》
Love Is Butterfly
2002 《我愛一碌葛》
Market's Romance
2001 《獸性難馴》
Sex Medusa
2000 《沒有你,沒有我》
Eternal Love