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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chun Ku Tommy LU
魯俊谷 | LU Chun Ku Tommy

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Tommy Lu Chun-ku (aka Lu Chun) was born Wong Chun-yeung in Kinmen, Fujian, in 1946. He moved to Hong Kong in 1962 and was accepted into Cathay Organization’s actors training program in 1970, signing an actor’s contract the same year, taking the name Lu Chun. Cast in the company’s major production, the wuxia flick The Inn of the Goddess broke, the tall, brawny Lu was touted as the next leading man of the action genre. However, Cathay folded due to budgetary issues shortly after announcement of the production. Facing an uncertain future, Lu joined Yangtse Film Company, making well-received appearances in My Millionaire Sister (1971) and The Invincible Iron Palm (1971). In the following year, his leading performance in The Invasion (1972) garnered much positive reaction. His later turns in movies such as Blind Boxer (1972) and Stranger from Canton (1973) solidified his leading man status.

In 1972, Loo took his first step towards working behind the camera, moonlighting as assistant director. He co-directed Trail of the Dragon with Chan Lau in 1974 before directing Tough Guy (1974) on his own. He then changed his name to Tommy Lu Chun-ku and directed action films such as Prostitute Loves Police (1977), Stranger From Shaolin (1977), The Stowaways (1979) and The Dragon and the Tiger Kids (1979). In 1979, he joined Shaw Brothers and helmed wuxia flicks, including The Master (1980), Ambitious Kung Fu Girl (1981), The Lady Assassin (1983), Holy Flame of the Martial World (1983) and Bastard Swordsman (1983). Leaving Shaws when his contract ended in 1984, he reverted back to his birth name, Wong Chun-yeung, and directed contemporary action films such as The Haunted Madam (1986), Killing Angels (1989), Devil Hunters (1989), The Dragon Fighter (1990) and Fire Phoenix (1990).

Lu left the film industry in 2000.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2000 《復仇者》
2000 《風流才子俏佳人》
A Gifted Scholar and a Pretty Girl
1999 《97 江湖情》
Brother Forever
1998 《女保鏢》
The Protector
1998 《血仍是冷》
Deadly Illusion
1998 《無敵鐵沙掌》
Fist of Mercy
1998 《毒吻》
To Kiss Is Fatal
1994 《同床2 夢》
The Lady Punisher
1993 《1/3 情人》
1/3 Lover
1992 《火種》
Angel Terminators II CHAN Lau
1992 《勝者為王》
The Mighty Gambler
1992 《偷神家族》
The Big Deal
1992 《金三角群英會》
Mission of Justice
1991 《魔唇劫》
The Holy Virgin Versus the Evil Dead
1991 《夢醒血未停》
Dreaming the Reality
1991 《火種》
Angel Terminators 2 CHAN Lau
1990 《地頭龍》
The Dragon Fighter
1990 《橫衝直撞火鳳凰》
Fire Phoenix
1989 《殺手天使》
Killing Angels
1989 《獵魔群英》
Devil Hunters
1987 《無牙殭屍》
Toothless Vampires
1986 《紅外線》
On the Red
1986 《師姐撞邪》
The Haunted Madam
1985 《天官賜福》
How to Choose a Royal Bride
1984 《布衣神相》
Return of the Bastard Swordsman
1984 《錦衣衛》
Secret Service of the Imperial Court
1984 《鬼馬神偷》
The Big Sting
1983 《清宮啟示錄》
The Lady Assassin
1983 《武林聖火令》
Holy Flame of the Martial World
1983 《天蠶變》
Bastard Swordsman
1982 《癲馬靈猴》
Crazy Horse, Intelligent Monkey
1982 《神經大俠》
Lovers Blades
1981 《紅粉動江湖》
Ambitious Kung Fu Girl
1980 《巡捕房》
Tiger Over the Wall
1980 《背叛師門》
The Master
1979 《偷渡來客》
The Stowaways
1979 《龍虎門》
The Dragon and the Tiger Kids
1977 《邪牌愛差人》
Prostitute Loves Police
1977 《詠春與少林》
Stranger from Shaolin
1975 《摧花毒降頭》
Magic Curse TO Lo Po
1975 《龍爭虎鬥精武魂》
The Black Dragon's Revenge
1974 《龍蛇混雜》
Trail of the Dragon CHAN Lau
1974 《下南洋》
Tough Guy