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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kei LUI
呂奇 | LUI Kei

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Born in Guangdong in 1942, James Lui Kei moved to Hong Kong in 1949. After graduating from secondary school, he entered the actor training program of Union Film in 1958. He joined the Cantonese division of Shaw Brothers the next year, making his screen debut with The Tragedy of Nine Lives (1960), followed by Sleeping Beauty (1960) and Love and Chastity (1960). When Shaws closed its Cantonese division in 1964, Lui teamed up with actor Ko Fung to form Ocean Film, starring in the company’s inaugural production My Darling Wife (1965), which became a big hit, in turn propelling Lui to stardom in mid-1960s Cantonese cinema.

Penning the script for Jack-of-All-Trades (1966), Lui began venturing behind the camera. He then served the dual role of actor-writer in several films, one of which, Forget Not Tonight (1966), was a major hit that established him and costar Connie Chan Po-chu as a beloved romantic pairing. Lui and Chan went on to star in a series of popular romantic comedies, including Movies Fans (1966), Girls are Eighteen (1966) and The Pregnant Maiden (1968).

Lui made his directing debut with Mary I Love You (1969), another co-starring project with Chan for which he also scripted. He followed that with several other films, switching over to making Mandarin films after the collapse of Cantonese cinema in the early 1970s.

With the Shaw Brothers product Sexy Girls of Denmark (1973), Lui started directing erotic films, sure-fire money makers in the 1970s. Forming Golden Film to produce sex films for Shaws, he soon found himself working exclusively in that genre. His Starlets for Sale (1977) became known as the first sex film to feature female frontal nudity. Yet his work is not without personal touches, its depiction of eroticism often informed by social satire. In the 1980s, his films took on comedic elements, reminiscent of Italian sex comedies.

After finishing The Seductress (1987), Lui left film and went to Taiwan to engage in business.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1987 《命帶桃花》
The Seductress
1985 《偷情四響砲》
Wives and Lovers
1984 《大鱷群英》
Ugly Tycoon
1982 《追女三十六房》
36 Secrets of Courtship
1982 《追男仔》
Man Crazy
1981 《叻女正傳》
Sexy Career Girls
1981 《串女.人渣.妙嬌娃》
Story of Taxi Dancers
1980 《怨婦.淫娃.瘋殺手》
The Stud and the Nymph
1979 《名流.浪女.夠薑妹》
Naughty Scandals
1979 《夠格女郎》
The Foxy Ladies
1978 《非男飛女》
Delinquent Teenagers
1977 《財子.名花.星媽》
Starlets for Sale
1977 《變態女殺手》
Mysterious Lady Killer
1976 《男妓女娼》
Girls For Sale
1976 《名女人奇異錄》
Oriental Playgirls
1975 《墮落經》
Girl's Diary
1975 《神女蕩婦綽頭王》
The Hooker and the Hustler
1975 《巴黎艷遇》
Romance In Paris
1974 《女人面面觀》
Women of Desire
1974 《瘋狂大笨賊》
Mini-Skirt Gang
1973 《蕩女奇行》
Sexy Playgirls
1973 《丹麥嬌娃》
Sexy Girls of Denmark
1973 《香港式的偷情》
Adultery Chinese Style
1972 《蕩女神偷》
The Misguided Youth
1971 《金屋淚》
House of Tears
1970 《偷心賊》
The Heart-Stealer
1969 《蔓莉蔓莉我愛你》
Mary, I Love You
1969 《娘惹之戀》
Love with a Malaysian Girl
1969 《郎如春日風》
Her Tender Love