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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kim Ming Jamie LUK
陸劍明 | LUK Kim Ming Jamie

I followed director Chang Cheh into the film business by chance in 1973 and had honed my craft in numerous production roles. Since becoming a director in 1984, I had enjoyed all the glee and agony of the creative process while witnessing all the coming and going of different movie trends. The people I met and the things I experienced made my life as colorful and eventful as any movie could be. Regardless of the tears and joy, I am still wrestling with film, which provides me with endless pain and joy.


Jamie Luk Kim-ming was born in Hong Kong in 1956. After secondary school, he joined filmmaker Chang Cheh’s Chang’s Film Company as an actor and was featured in a number of kung fu flicks. In 1974, following the move of Chang’s Film headquarters to Taiwan, Luk went across the strait for two years. When Chang returned to Shaw Brothers in Hong Kong, Luk followed and signed on as actor. As his interest in filmmaking grew, he started to work in the production side of the business. His first script, The Legend of the Owl (1980), which he co-wrote with Derek Yee Tung-sing, was directed by John Chiang (aka David Chiang), Luk himself also serving as assistant director. Since then, he had been assistant director for several other productions and tried his hand at other production-related roles.

Luk took the director’s helm for the first time with Love with the Perfect Stranger (1985) which he co-wrote with Charles Tang Wing-hung. The Shaws production won the honors of Best Screenplay and Best Actress at the 5th Hong Kong Film Awards. After the success of his debut effort, Luk made directing his career focus, scripting most of his own films. Commercial success came along with critical acclaim. His murder mystery The Case of the Cold Fish (1995) was named as one of the eight “Films of Merit” by the Hong Kong Film Critics’ Society. It was also selected by the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Hawaii International Film Festival. In 1996, Luk shot Crossline in Vancouver, Canada, a realist drama about the city’s young people of Chinese descent.

Since the late 1990s, Luk has split his professional commitments between Hong Kong and China.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2008 《喜臨門》
Happiness Knocks
2008 《新東成西就》
Forever Heros YIP Tin Hang Stephen
2004 《風流盜帥遇小寶》
The Crazy Heroes I
2004 《新東成西就》
The Crazy Heroes II
2004 《緝毒刑警》
Drug Terminator
2003 《阿嫲出更》
My Grandmother Was A Cop
2003 《水滸笑傳之黑店尋寶》
New Mad Heroes of Shui Wu
2002 《陰陽路十五之客似魂來》
Troublesome Night 15
2002 《心跳》
Dizzy Date
2002 《功夫食神》
The Kung Fu Cook
2000 《千年等一天》
Home Sweet Home
2000 《暗鬥》
Dark War
1996 《竹昇妹之以牙還牙》
1995 《月黑風高》
The Case of the Cold Fish
1994 《喂!揾邊位?》
Hello! Who Is It ?
1994 《拆彈專家寶貝炸彈》
Bomb Disposal Officer-Baby Bomb
1993 《愛的精靈》
The Spirit of Love
1992 《車神》
The Night Rider
1992 《兩廂情願》
Killer's Love
1991 《女機械人》
The Robotrix
1990 《殭屍醫生》
Dr. Vampire
1989 《我愛唐人街》
I Love China Town
1988 《褲甲天下》
The King of Stanley Market
1988 《四千金》
The Four Loves
1987 《天官賜福》
1987 《吉屋藏嬌》
Guests in the House
1986 《你情我願》
My Will, I Will
1985 《錯點鴛鴦》
Love With the Perfect Stranger
1985 《青春節拍》
How Are You My Friends