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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Joe MA
馬偉豪 | MA Joe

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Joe Ma Wai-ho was born in Hong Kong in 1964. He was a theatre enthusiast in secondary school and won the Best Director and Best Script awards at a drama competition for a play he wrote. Raymond Wong bought the rights to the play, which became the hit film Happy Ghost (1984). Ma started to moonlight as a scriptwriter while still in school, becaming fulltime writer upon graduating from the History Department at the University of Hong Kong, penning mostly comedies. He made his directorial debut in 1992 with Rich Man. Two years later, he wrote and directed Over the Rainbow, Under the Skirt (1994), which was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan. In 1996, he scored a hit with Feel 100%, which took in over HK $20 million at the box office. His other directorial efforts include Lawyer, Lawyer (1997) and First Love Unlimited (1997). He formed his own company, Brilliant Idea Group, which produced Ringo Lam’s Full Alert (1997). Thereafter, Ma entered into a creatively productive phase, writing and directing series of films including Dummy Mommy, Without a Baby (2001), Funeral March (2001), Fighting for Love (2001), Feel 100% II (2002), The Lion Roars (2002), Summer Breeze of Love (2002) and Love Undercover (2002), etc. Love Undercover won the Audience Award at Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy, while Funeral March was chosen as a recommended work at the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival.

Aside from writing and directing his own films, Ma remained active as a scriptwriter, penning such films as Big Bullet (1996), directed by Benny Chan; Black Mask (1996), directed by Daniel Lee; The Victim (1999), directed by Ringo Lam, among others. At the same time, he also started working as a producer, not only for the films that he wrote and directed, but also for the work of new directors such as Alan Mak Siu-fai’s first film, Nude Fear (1998); Wilson Yip’s Bio Zombie (1998), Bullets Over Summer (1999) and Juliet in Love (2000); Glass Tears, written and directed by Carol Lai; as well as Soi Cheang Pou-soi’s Horror Hotline...Big Head Monster (2001), which catapulted Cheang to fame.

Ma’s recent directorial efforts include Stand By Me (2011) and The Lion Roars 2 (2011). In addition, he served as the producer on Truth or Dare (2012) and Golden Wolf Happy Life (2013).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2011 《奮鬥》
Stand By Me
2011 《河東獅吼2》
The Lion Roars 2
2010 《我的野蠻女友2》
My Sassy Girl 2
2009 《愛得起》
Give Love LEE Fire
2009 《愛得起》
Give & Love LEE Fire
2008 《蠍子》
2006 《新紮師妹3》
Love Undercover 3
2005 《摯愛》
Embrace Your Shadow
2004 《煎釀叁寶》
Three of a Kind
2004 《追擊8 月15》
Hidden Heroes CHEANG Soi
2003 《新紮師妹2》
Love Undercover 2 : Love Mission
2003 《下一站...... 天后》
Diva. Ah Hey
2003 《地下鐵》
Sound of Colors
2003 《1:99 電影行動》
1:99 CHEUNG Mabel LAW Alex TSUI Hark CHAN Gordon CHEN Teddy LAU Andrew CHAN Peter CHOW Sing Chi Stephen CHAN Fruit MAK Shiu Fai Alan LAM Dante
2003 《百分百感覺2003》
Feel 100% 2003 CHUNG Shu Kai
2002 《我家有一隻河東獅》
The Lion Roars
2002 《這個夏天有異性》
Summer Breeze of Love
2002 《新紮師妹》
Love Undercover
2001 《玉女添丁》
Dummy Mommy, Without a Baby MAK Kai Kwong
2001 《常在我心》
Funeral March
2001 《同居蜜友》
Fighting for Love
2001 《百分百感覺2》
Feel 100% II
1999 《失業皇帝》
Afraid of Nothing, the Jobless King
1997 《戇星先生》
He Comes from Planet K
1997 《算死草》
Lawyer, Lawyer
1997 《初戀無TOUCH!》
First Love Unlimited
1996 《怪談協會》
Till Death Do Us Laugh YIP Wai Man Raymond CHIN Man Kei Cash
1996 《百分百感覺》
Feel 100%
1996 《百分百啱FEEL》
Feel 100%, Once More
1995 《山水有相逢》
The Golden Girls
1994 《記得...... 香蕉成熟時II 初戀情人》
Over the Rainbow, Under the Skirt
1992 《何日金再來》
Rich Man