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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kai Kwong MAK
麥啟光 | MAK Kai Kwong

When I became a director for the first time in 2000, the resulting film was quite disappointing, yet my older brother still gave me a present to commemorate my debut. On the present was engraved the words “Capturing Attentions with First Holler.”

My brother passed away in 2003. My regret : I had yet to capture attentions.

My mother never knew what my job is about. Since I became a director, I often imagined that one day I would be receiving an award on stage and I would say, “Mom, now you should know what I do!”

After twenty-three years in the business, I went from someone who did not care much for movies to a movie enthusiast. It was only a job at first. Now it is my passion.

People can choose their passion but passion can choose us too!

Thank you for choosing me!


Albert Mak Kai-kwong was born in Hong Kong in 1965 to a firefighter and a housewife. He never held any particular interest in film when he was young. Unable to find a suitable career, he worked continuity in film at the recommendation of a friend, initially learning from another continuity person, with daily meals provided but no salary. He finally assumed official continuity duties with Alfred Cheung’s Her Fatal Ways (1990) — with meals as well as salary.

In 1992, he was promoted to assistant director and had since worked with notable directors such as James Yuen, Derek Yee, Johnnie To, Ringo Lam and Wong Jing. While he was an assistant director, Mak’s interest in filmmaking began to grow and he started to learn about other aspects of the craft, including screenwriting, cinematography, lighting and art direction.

In 2000, Mak directed his first film, Play with Strangers, a blender of ghost film and crime thriller. Later, he ventured into a variety of genres, such as comedies, horror films and romances. Mak had helmed a total of eight films and was involved with most of his films’ screenwriting process. In the past few years, he had mainly worked as Johnnie To’s executive director, for Life Without Principle (2011), Drug War (2012) and Blind Detective (2013).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2010 《毋、亡我》
Forget Me Not
2007 《時光、倒流的話》
Pandora's Booth
2007 《恐懼元素》
Fear Factors WONG Ka Fai
2006 《地老天荒》
Without Words
2001 《玉女添丁》
Dummy Mommy, Without a Baby MA Joe
2001 《新流氓醫生》
Doctor No…
2000 《鬼同你玩》
Play With Strangers
2000 《流氓師表》
The Teacher Without Chalk