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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Tai Kit Peter MAK
麥大傑 | MAK Tai Kit Peter

Telling stories with moving image is one of the greatest inventions of human civilisation. To this day, the magic of watching the big screen in the dark continue to mesmerise the world. I was only a fan at the beginning. I had no professional training, no coaching from any masters, but I learned from the light and shadow in the theatre. I took my chances to realize my dream to make films and, fortunately, found my way to become a film director.

Film sometimes is a mirror for our lives. Sometimes it’s entertainment, sometimes even a farce and sometimes the best of art; it is a place for people to realize their dreams. And I hope I can create more joyous dreams for everyone to share.


Peter Mak Tai-kit was born in 1957 in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam. He grew up spending a great deal of his childhood at a cinema, where his father left him for the day while working in a nearby cake shop, an experience that planted in him the seeds for a future in film. Mak’s family relocated to Hong Kong during the Vietnam War and in 1979, he enrolled in National Taiwan Normal University to study fine art. While in Taiwan, he took part in Golden Harvest Awards for Experimental Film every year with his 8mm shorts. His work, ranging from drama to animation to documentary, won eight awards in a span of six years. Returning to Hong Kong in 1983, he worked as art director for at the advertising division of Television Broadcasts (TVB).

In 1984, Taiwan’s Central Motion Pictures Corporation decided to invest in The Gift of Ah Fu, a film about three men sharing the same name of but living different destinies in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan. Mak was invited to direct the Hong Kong segment, launching his directing career. The next year, he directed The Loser, the Hero (1985), a satire of Taiwan’s education system so incisive it was nearly banned by the censors. After making two more films in Taiwan, Mak returned to Hong Kong and directed the comedies All Night Long (1989) and To Spy with Love!! (1990). He later directed The Wicked City (1992, also known as Supernatural Beast City), a live action adaptation of the Japanese anime of the same title.

Since 2002, Mak had been working in television, directing series co-produced by Mainland China and Taiwan, including such toprated dramas as Meteor Garden 2 (2002), Dreams Link (2007), In Love with the Anchor Beauty (2010) and Models (2013).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1995 《影子敵人》
Enemy Shadow CHAN Tung Chuen Wingle
1994 《暴風眼》
Crystal Fortune Run LEE Kin Sang Chris
1992 《妖獸都市》
The Wicked City
1990 《小心間諜》
To Spy with Love!!
1989 《夜瘋狂》
All Night Long
1988 《老師,有問題》
Sir, Tell Me Why
1986 《天靈靈.地靈靈》
1985 《國四英雄傳》
The Loser, the Hero
1984 《阿福的禮物》
The Gift of Ah Fu