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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wing Lun Gary MAK
麥詠麟 | MAK Wing Lun Gary

In a business-centered society like Hong Kong, it is extremely difficult for a new director or screenwriter to make a non-commercial film. The bottom line is that very few film companies are willing to make such a risky investment, and even less so with a newcomer! Such condition diminishes the room for creative filmmaking in Hong Kong. From the perspective of the audience and some filmmakers, there is a longing for nonmainstream local productions that they can relate to without waiting for the film festival each year. Perhaps their production or artistic value are not as high as the others, but they are certainly no less creative and sincere.

(Excerpted from City Entertainment Magazine, issue 531, Page 22, August 19th, 1999)


Gary Mak Wing-lun joined the police force after completing secondary school but left in 1990 when he moved overseas. In 1992, he returned to Hong Kong and acted in movies, mostly in supporting roles. His switch from cast to crew began with working continuity in 1993 before becoming an assistant director in 1996.

Mak joined B&S Films Creation Works House in 1999 and directed several digital features, such as Haunted Resort. To accumulate more experience in the field, he took on more jobs as assistant director and actor while biding his time for another chance at the helm. The first feature film he directed was The New Option (2002), an installment of the Gordon Chan-produced series First Option (1996). Later he co-directed Bar Paradise (2005) with Japanese-American filmmaker Greogry Hatanaka but the film’s theatrical release was delayed to 2007. He has also directed Undying Heart (2006).

In 2012, Mak started to work in Mainland China, first teaming with Seventh Generation director Li Yuan to co-direct the sports film On My Way (2012). Then he took the helm on his own with the romantic comedy My Beautiful Kingdom (2013). His most recent film, SDU : Sex Duties Unit, is a raunchy comedy that explores the sex trade in Macau through the exploits of several policemen. Mak also continues to work as assistant director and actor, in addition to directing commercials.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《我的美麗王國》
My Beautiful Kingdom
2013 《飛虎出征》
SDU : Sex Duties Unit
2012 《跑出一片天》
On My Way
2006 《死心‧ 不息》
Undying Heart
2005 《美麗酒吧》
Bar Paradise
2002 《飛虎雄師》
The New Option FOK Yiu Leung Clarence
1999 《東堤渡假鬼屋》
Haunted Resort
1999 《好兄吾兄》
My Good Brother
1999 《屍家路》
The Road of Dead