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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kin Tak MOU
繆健德 | MOU Kin Tak

Films are dreams! Directors are the creators of dreams. Experiencing human nature and understanding history, films turn the dreams into reality. Starts from the idea of the story, ends in public screening. The process is just like the growth of a baby, providing infinite joy. Can I enjoy such satisfaction in other industries?

I was fortunate to have participated in The Human Goddess (1972), playing an orphan when I was 9. I found myself getting deeper understandings of life after working in the film industry. Being in the crew is more challenging to me than an actor. I can channel my thoughts into the films, creating stories and characters. Just like that, I’d been in film for 30 years!


Tony Mou Kin-tak started working at Shaw Brothers as a continuity person in the early 1980s and rose to the position of assistant director in 1983. That same year, he left Shaw Brothers to work in various companies such as Always Good Film, Cinema City and Golden Harvest. Mou had worked with many directors, including Wong Jing, Frankie Chan, Karl Maka, Joe Cheung, Lau Kar-leung, Nam Nai-choi, Taylor Wong, Andrew Lau, Billy Tang and Clarence Fok.

With the support of Manfred Wong, Mou co-directed Rebel Without a Cause with Chan Wing-chiu. Later on, he directed more than a dozen digital features for various companies like China Entertainment Films, Winners’ Workshop and Smileland Production, as well as several theatrical features including Night Club on Fire (2003) and Dragon in Fury (2004). All the while, Mou continued to work as assistant director.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2005 《蛇界》
2004 《霍元甲之精武真英雄》
Dragon in Fury
2003 《蛇女添丁》
Snake Girl
2003 《我老婆是兇手》
The Murderer is My Wife
2003 《舞廳2 龍爭舞鬥》
Night Club on Fire
2002 《七月七日回魂夜》
July 7 Come Again
2002 《頭七回魂》
The Soul Is Return
2000 《流氓特警》
The Mob Cop YIP Tin Hang Stephen
1999 《豔舞陷阱》
Beware of the Striptease
1999 《千年古劍》
A Sword of Damocles
1999 《驚世核武案》
Nuclear Weapon
1999 《真假刺客》
Who's the Assassin
1999 《人蛇大戰之人蛇浴血戰》
Devil Snake Girl YIP Tin Hang Stephen
1999 《離奇殺局》
Killing Maze
1999 《電腦反擊戰》
Cyber War
1999 《犯罪天皇》
1999 《幻影追凶》
Phantom Pursuer
1999 《虐殺地帶》
Cruel Zone
1999 《血腥謊言》
Bloody Lie
1994 《暴劫柔情》
If You Were Here
1994 《風雨同路》
The Unbearable
1993 《飛車女童黨》
Rebel Without a Cause CHAN Wing Chiu
1993 《落難夫妻》
Honeymoon in Jakarta