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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Yin NAM
南燕 | NAM Yin

I joined the film relatively late at the age of 32, having taken a two-week crash course. My first film was a critical and box office hit. As someone with a low education background, my success was seen as something of a miracle. Perhaps it is a matter of chance and luck. If my younger brother was not a film director, and if he did not spot my talent or I had not the courage to take the challenge, then the film industry would have been deprived of a person such as myself. We have to thank my brother Ringo Lam for this.

(Excerpted from Hong Kong Screenwriters’ Guild Members’ Directory 1994, p. 64, published by Hong Kong Screenwriters’ Guild, 1994)


Nam Yin was born in Hong Kong in 1953. His older brother Lam Chung-kwok is a film producer, while younger brother Ringo Lam is a film director. After leaving the Aberdeen Government Primary School, Nam became a jade cutter’s apprentice, and subsequently worked in a variety of jobs including transportation and judo instructor (he had won the first prize at the Hong Kong Judo Competition). When Ringo Lam was preparing to shoot Prison on Fire, he initially went to Nam for background research, and later asked him to write the screenplay. Nam completed the script of Prison on Fire in seven days, and wrote the lyrics to title song, "The Light of Friendship". The film became one of the classic films of 1980s Hong Kong cinema, and was nominated for the Best Screenplay awards at the Asia Pacific Film Awards and the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Nam subsequently became one of the most sought after screen writers in Hong Kong, penning such films as Woman Prison (1988), School on Fire (1988), Wild Search (1989), Triads - The Inside Story (1989), Fatal Vacation (1990), Dragon in Jail (1990) and Full Contact (1992). In 1990, Nam became the development manager for Silver Medal Presentations Company and his inaugural project for the company was Rebel from China (1990). The following year he took on the position of executive producer, and was responsible for such works as Touch and Go (1991), among others. He later took on the roles of scriptwriter, executive producer, line producer and actor on many films.

In 1995, Nam formed his own company, Nam Yin Production Co. Ltd., whose inaugural production was Legendary Couple (1995). In 1997, he produced the supernatural thriller Troublesome Night, which spawned a 19 film series, of which Nam wrote and directed the 7th installment, Troublesome Night 7 (2000). He joined B & S Films Production Limited in 2000, and produced several dozen digital features. He also executive produced such celebrated works as From the Queen to the Chief Executive (2001) and Headlines (2001). In 2002, he wrote and directed his second feature, The Hidden Enforcers.

With the establishment of the Hong Kong Screenwriters’ Guild in 1991, Nam was elected its first term President. He later served multiple terms on its board of consultants. In recent years, Nam has faded out from the film scene due to poor health.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2002 《殺手狂龍》
The Hidden Enforcers
2000 《陰陽路柒撞到正》
Troublesome Night 7