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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Hugo NG
吳瑰岸 | NG Hugo

My experience in acting led me to become a director. My directorial career began at a time when video privacy was running rampant, leading me to recognize that a director needs not only technical abilities but also market understanding, strategies and other elements that could affect a film’s success. The responsibilities of a director are bigger than that of an actor, but the sense of accomplishment also requires a lot more hard work. The directors I had worked with were my mentors, helping me to understand through lessons both positive and negative what was needed to nurture a film to its fullest potential. Hong Kong is blessed with films of different styles and genres, giving filmmakers and audiences the choice. The films I want to make are the ones that draw inspiration from my life experiences and the people I know. To be able to make a film that has a “heart” would be my wish for every film.


Hugo Ng Doi-yung was born in Singapore in 1959. His wife is former actress Lily Chung and he himself was one of the most sought-after leading men in Singapore in the 1980s, featured in the island nation’s numerous television dramas. In 1987, he relocated to Hong Kong and signed with Television Broadcasts (TVB). The newly-hired Ng played opposite TVB’s star Tony Leung Chiu-wai in the wuxia drama The Legendary Twins (1987). His portrayal of the handsome and well-mannered Hua Wuque won many hearts and cemented his reputation as a beloved heartthrob. His subsequent roles were also wellreceived, quickly elevating him one of TVB’s top stars.

Trying to expand his career into music, he went on rival station Asia Television Limited (ATV) to promote his new album, angering TVB for going behind its back. He was soon frozen out of appearances and eventually let go.

Ng ventured into directing films, debuting with The Jail of No Return (1994), followed by Fatal Encounter (1994), which he also scripted and in which he also starred.

In recent years, Ng has continued his acting career in television dramas produced in mainland China while also working as a corporate consultant on the side.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2000 《社團之撚位》
Take Top
2000 《順其自然》
Let It Be
1995 《還是覺得你最好》
Husbands and Wives
1994 《死亡監獄》
The Jail of No Return
1994 《奪命接觸》
Fatal Encounter