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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Min Kan NG
吳勉勤 | NG Min Kan

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Ng Min-kan entered the movie business in the 1970s as a stuntman before joining the Sammo Hung Stunt Team in the 1980s. Most of the films he worked on were either produced or directed by Hung, serving as assistant martial arts choreographer for Encounter of the Spooky Kind (1980), The Prodigal Son (1981), The Dead and the Deadly (1982), Project A (1983), Winners and Sinners (1983) and Eastern Condors (1987), while acting as assistant director on Heart of the Dragon (1985), The Millionaires Express (1986) and Dragons Forever (1988).

In 1989, Ng ventured, out of Hong Kong, directing his first film, The Elegy for a Gangster Couple (1989), in Taiwan. He later directed three more films, Ghost Legend (1990), Spiritual Trinity (1991) and Deadful Melody (1994), the latter starring Brigitte Lin, Yuen Biao and Carina Lau.

Ng was also martial arts choreographer for over ten films, such as No Way Back (1990), Fatal Vacation (1990), Hero of Hong Kong 1949 (1993) and Dragon Killer (1995). He later stepped away from the entertainment industry, only to be lured back from his hiatus to direct The Possessed, a television series based on his 1994 film Deadful Melody. In 2006, he worked as action choreographer for Taiwan director Chen Kun-hou’s Twin Daggers before withdrawing from film again.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1994 《六指琴魔》
Deadful Melody
1991 《人鬼神》
Spiritual Trinity
1990 《捉鬼合家歡II 麻衣傳奇》
Ghost Legend
1989 《雌雄輓歌》
The Elegy for a Gangster Couple