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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - See Yuen NG
吳思遠 | NG See Yuen

I am thankful to have the opportunity to work as a film director in Hong Kong, a land that enjoys limitless creative freedom. Industry professionals always say that every film has its own life, which is very true, just like our children having their own destinies.

I very much enjoyed the production of each of my films. Even though the process is difficult, and that some films are successful (commercial hits) while others fail (commercial flops), all my projects are nonetheless my children. Every age and every place has its heroes, each shining for a few hundred years. But even emperors, ministers, generals, scholars and beauties inevitably fade away. But films live on. Whenever I think of this, joy fills my heart.


Ng See-yuen was born in 1944 in Shanghai, China, and came to Hong Kong with his family in 1958. After graduating from New Method College, he worked as a secondary school teacher. He later joined the Southern Drama Group organized by Shaw Brothers in 1966 and started working for the studio as continuity person, soon rising to the position of assistant director.

Ng left Shaws in 1971 to co-direct The Mad Killer (1971) with Lo Chen. The following year, Ng made his name with the action film The Bloody Fists (1972). In 1973, he founded Seasonal Film Corporation, which produced Call Me Dragon (1974), starring Bruce Leung Siu-lung and directed by Ng himself. In subsequent years, he wrote and directed numerous martial arts films, including The Secret Rivals (1976), The Secret Rivals, Part II (1977) and Tower of Death (1981), as well as realist dramas like Anti-Corruption (1975) and Million Dollars Snatch (1976), the latter a pioneering work in Hong Kong realist crime films.

After 1977, Ng focused mainly on producing, directing only a few more films, such as The Unwritten Law (1985). As producer, he had exacted great impact on Hong Kong cinema. In 1978, he cast the struggling Jackie Chan in two kung-fu comedies, Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow and Drunken Master, making Chan an instant star. Ng also produced Tsui Hark’s The Butterfly Murders, an innovative martial arts film that breathed new life into the genr and, later, All for the Winner (1990), starring Stephen Chow, which took in some HK$40 million at the box office and helped made Chow a superstar. Ng was among the first Hong Kong filmmakers to make films in Mainland China, with such works as Dragon Inn (1992), Green Snake (1993) and The Soong Sisters (1997). He is widely renowned as one of the most resourceful and visionary producers in Hong Kong. Starting in 2002, he established the UME Cineplex chain of cinemas in various Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Ng was one of the founding advocates of the Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild, and acted as its first president from 1989-1991 as well as its eighth president from 1998-2000, during which he promoted exchanges between Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, such as staging seminars for directors from the different regions. He now serves as the Honorary President of the Guild. Between 1995 and 2000, Ng was the president of the board of directors of the Hong Kong Film Awards, while in 2002, he was behind the establishment of Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, and served as its president for six consecutive years. He received the Bronze Bauhinia Award presented by the Hong Kong SAR government in 1998 and was the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 2013, in recognition of his contribution to the development of the Hong Kong film industry.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1985 《法外情》
The Unwritten Law
1981 《死亡塔》
Tower of Death
1980 《龍形摩橋》
Ring of Death
1977 《南拳北腿鬥金狐》
The Secret Rivals, Part II
1977 《鷹爪鐵布衫》
The Invincible Armour
1976 《南拳北腿》
The Secret Rivals
1976 《七百萬元大劫案》
Million Dollars Snatch
1976 《李小龍傳奇》
Bruce Lee - True Story
1975 《十三號凶宅》
A Haunted House
1975 《廉政風暴》
1975 《生龍活虎小英雄》
Little Superman
1974 《香港小教父》
Little Godfather from Hong Kong
1974 《神龍小虎闖江湖》
Call Me Dragon
1974 《三傻笨探小福星》
Kidnap in Rome
1973 《猛虎下山》
Rage of the Wind
1972 《蕩寇灘》
The Bloody Fists
1972 《餓虎狂龍》
The Good and the Bad
1971 《瘋狂殺手》
The Mad Killer LO Chen