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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Oxide PANG
彭順 | PANG Oxide

The Hong Kong New Wave of the late 1970’s introduced me to the magical power of movies!! In particular, Tsui Hark’s Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind inspired me to dream of becoming a director. In 1997, I made my first film and discovered that it was not a very sweet dream! In 2000, Hong Kong films lost their market share. And I don’t know when, but Hong Kong films became co-productions with Mainland China. To be honest, the words “born in the wrong era” came to my mind. I felt even further removed from my director dream as I had first envisioned it, and the path I am now taking has become unclear. I can only learn to soldier on! Even on 21st March, 2013, I… am still learning!


Oxide Pang Shun, born in Hong Kong in 1965, and his twin sibling Danny are the Pang Brothers. Since the early 1990’s, Oxide Pang has been known as one of the best color correction technicians in all of Asia. He worked in Thailand’s well-known Kantana Film Lab, where he began to make commercials.

In 1997, Pang made his directorial debut in Thailand Who is Running (1997), a work marked by experimental flair. In 1999, the brothers co-directed Bangkok Dangerous, which won much international acclaim. The twins then made the The Eye series of films as well as other ghost-themed horror films such as Recycle (2006) and Forest of Death (2007), the latter directed by Danny and produced by Oxide. Because of their penchant for such works, the brothers are known as the “Directors of Ghostly Talent”.

Sometimes, the twin brothers will each direct their own separate films, or perform behind-the-camera duties such as editing, writing or producing. The professionalism and unique style of the Pang Brothers so impressed Hollywood that they were invited to the U. S. to make The Eye (2007) and Bangkok Dangerous (2008), Hollywood versions of their films of the same titles.

Films directed by Oxide Pang alone include Ab-normal Beauty (2004), Diary (2006), The Detective (2006), See You in You Tube (2008), Basic Love (2009), The Detective 2 (2011), Sleepwalker in 3D (2011). His latest directorial effort is Conspirators (2013).

In February 2010, Oxide Pang married Angelisa Lee Sinje, the leading lady in many of his films.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《逃出生天》
Out of Inferno PANG Danny
2013 《同謀》
2011 《B+ 偵探》
The Detective 2
2011 《3D 夢遊》
Sleepwalker in 3D
2010 《童眼》
The Child's Eye PANG Danny
2010 《童眼 3D》
The Child's Eye PANG Danny
2009 《風雲 II》
The Storm Warriors PANG Danny
2009 《愛情故事》
Basic Love
2009 《愛出貓》
Trick or Cheat WONG Pak Kei Jil
2008 《愛鬥大》
See You in You Tube CHIEN Kong Hon Cub WONG Pak Kei Jil
2008 《無聲火2.0》
Bangkok Dangerous PANG Danny
2007 《鬼差》
The Messengers PANG Danny
2007 《C+ 偵探》
The Detective
2007 《鬼差》
The Eye PANG Danny
2007 《鬼使神差》
The Messengers PANG Danny
2006 《鬼域》
Re-cycle PANG Danny
2006 《妄想》
2005 《見鬼10》
The Eye 10 PANG Danny
2004 《見鬼2》
The Eye 2 PANG Danny
2004 《死亡寫真》
Ab-normal Beauty
2003 《不歸單程路》
One Take Only
2003 《四度空間》
The Tesseract
2002 《見鬼》
The Eye PANG Danny
2001 《鬼債》
Bangkok Haunted
1999 《無聲火》
Bangkok Dangerous PANG Danny
1997 《Who Is Running》
Who Is Running