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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Hsueh Li PAO
鮑學禮 | PAO Hsueh Li

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Pao Hsueh-li was born in Nanking in 1936 and relocated to Taiwan in 1949. While still in high school, he worked at a the printing division of a film studio, then worked as assistant cameraman for six years after graduation. Later, he joined Lucky Star Film as cinematographer and shot several Taiwaneselanguage films in three years. Serving as cinematographer for Hong Kong director Lo Chen, who was shooting Too Late for Love (1967) in Taiwan, his work impressed Lo, prompting Pao to move to Hong Kong the following year and joined Shaw Brothers Studio. He was behind the camera for Chang Cheh’s The Trail of the Broken Blade (1967) and Golden Swallow (1968); Griffin Yue Feng’s The Bells of Death (1968) and The Silent Love (1971); Lo Chen’s Raw Passions (1969); Cheng Kang’s The Twelve Golden Medallions (1970), among other films.

Under the mentorship and encouragement of Chang and Yue, Pao became a director in 1970 with the action film Finger of Doom (which was not released until 1972). But Oath of Death (1971) was his first directorial effort to attract the attention of the public. At Shaws, he had directed over ten films—mostly wuxia and kungfu pictures—and seven of those were co-directed with Chang, including The Boxer from Shantung (1972) and Warrior of Steel (1972). His solo efforts include Five Tough Guys (1974), The Imposter (1975), Heroes of the Underground (1976) and The Battle Wizard (1976).

After leaving Shaws in 1977, Pao returned to Taiwan and directed many wuxia films, such as Blooded Treasury Fight (1979) and Eight Escorts (1980) for Yen Sheng Film. Later, he and his screenwriter wife Katy Chin Shu-mei formed Yu Fung Film Company, for which he directed The Heroic One (1981), Night of the Assassins (1981), The Kung Fu Emperor (1981), Beauty Escort (1981) and other films. He also produced Philip Kwok’s Ninja in the Deadly Trap (1982).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1986 《一個女大學生的日記》
A Co-Ed's Diary
1982 《小刀會》
Godfathers of Fury
1982 《狀元媒》
Zhuang Yuan Mei
1981 《荒漠英雄傳》
Hero at the Border Region
1981 《冰雪情關英雄膽》
The Heroic One
1981 《功夫皇帝》
The Kung Fu Emperor
1981 《二等兵》
Story of a Private
1981 《二等兵續集》
Story of a Private II
1981 《二等兵完結篇》
Story of a Private III
1981 《刺客列傳》
Night of the Assassins
1981 《護花鈴》
Beauty Escort
1980 《八絕》
Eight Escorts
1980 《金劍》
The Revenger
1980 《風流殘劍血無痕》
Mask of Vengeance
1979 《小李飛刀》
Flying Sword Lee WU Ma
1979 《血肉磨坊》
Blooded Treasury Fight
1978 《玲瓏玉手劍玲瓏》
Witty Hand, Witty Sword
1978 《決鬥老虎莊》
Duel at Tiger Village
1977 《天龍八部》
The Battle Wizard
1977 《海軍突擊隊》
The Naval Commandos WU Ma CHANG Cheh
1977 《上海灘》
1977 《俏探女嬌娃》
Deadly Angels
1977 《九紋龍》
The Hero Tattoo with Nine Dragons
1976 《丁一山》
Heroes of the Underground
1975 《七面人》
The Imposter
1975 《的士大佬》
The Taxi Driver
1974 《五大漢》
Five Tough Guys
1974 《太極拳》
The Shadow Boxer
1973 《大海盜》
The Pirate WU Ma CHANG Cheh
1973 《大刀王五》
Iron Bodyguard CHANG Cheh
1972 《水滸傳》
The Water Margin WU Ma CHANG Cheh
1972 《快活林》
Delightful Forest CHANG Cheh
1972 《太陰指》
Finger of Doom
1972 《馬永貞》
The Boxer from Shantung CHANG Cheh
1972 《仇連環》
Warrior of Steel CHANG Cheh
1971 《萬箭穿心》
Oath of Death
1971 《乾坤大醉俠》
The Drinking Knight