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雲翔 | SCUD

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Scud, whose real name is Danny Cheng Wan-cheung, took the name “Scud” from the literal translation of his Chinese name, which means “scudding clouds”. He was born in 1967 in Guangdong Province and came to Hong Kong with his family when he was 13. Despite obtaining high marks with his Certificate of Education Examination, he was unable to continue his education due to financial. He worked at a multi-national IT company and eventually earned a degree in computers at the Open University of Hong Kong. He later founded his own software development company, which became publicly listed. He immigrated to Australia in 2001 but returned to Hong Kong in 2005 to form the independent film company Artwalker to fulfill his ambitions in literature, music and film.

Scud co-directed his first film, City Without Baseball, with Lawrence Lau in 2008, which was classified as Category 3 because of its homosexual eroticism. Using his own life experiences as basis, he went on to direct the first two parts of his “Extreme Trilogy”, Permanent Residence (2009) and Amphetamine (2010), which explore the outer boundaries of life and love. The final chapter of the trilogy, Life of an Artist, will begin production in 2014 and is set to probe the limits of art. His other two works, Love Actually Sucks (2011) and Voyage (2013), present two different perspectives on life and desire while testing the limits of the film censors. Scud 's films have been shown at numerous film festivals. City Without Baseball was chosen as one of the recommended works of 2008 by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society. Voyage received Special Tribute at the Q Hugo Film Awards at the 49th Chicago International Film Festival in honor of the director’s efforts and contributions in LGBT cinema. In December 2013, Taiwan held a retrospective of his works entitled Scud Collections, showing all five of his films.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《遊》
2011 《愛很爛》
Love Actually Sucks
2010 《安非他命》
2009 《永久居留》
Permanent Residence
2008 《無野之城》
City Without Baseball LAU Moon Tong Tom LAU Lawrence (Ah Mon)