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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Long SEOW
蕭龍 | SEOW Long

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Seow Long graduated from Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama and came to Hong Kong in 1962, working in theater, television shows, broadcast dramas, operas and dance, highlighted by several tours in Southeast Asia. He later moved to Singapore, establishing theater troupes and dance companies there.

Seow returned to Hong Kong in the mid-1970s and codirected, with Wei Li, the horror film The Possessed (1976). In 1977, he entered a script contest at TVB and won second prize. A year later, he joined producer-director Ng See-yuen’s Seasonal Film and, with his real name, Kai Wah-on, wrote the script for Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978) and Drunken Master (1978), the kung-fu comedies that catapulted Jackie Chan to stardom; he also served as assistant director in those films.

Seow later directed the kung-fu flick Lackey and the Lady Tiger (1980, codirected with Norman Law Man), the action film Execution (1981) and the adventure film The Adventure of Little Hairy (1986). In the 2000s, he began working in Thailand and Malaysia, making films, television dramas and staging plays. In 2013, he directed a film in China.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1998 《大漠梟雄》
Lawrence of Mongolia
1997 《李逵傳奇》
Shui Hwu Legend
1989 《捉鬼大師》
Vampire Buster LAW Man Norman SIU Ka Wing
1986 《小毛孩奪寶奇緣》
The Adventure of Little Hairy
1984 《南拳王》
The South Shaolin Master
1981 《蛇貓鶴混形拳》
Lacky and the Lady Tiger LAW Man Norman
1981 《處決》
1980 《蛇貓鶴混形拳》
Lackey and the Lady Tiger LAW Man Norman
1976 《鬼胎》
The Possessed