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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Ka Wing SIU
蕭嘉榮 | SIU Ka Wing

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Stanley Siu Ka-wing started in film as an assistant director on director Cheng Kang’s The Twelve Medallions (1970). Since then, he had worked with Cheng in many films, including the famed martial arts works The 14 Amazons (1972), Trilogy of Swordsmanship (1972) and Flying Guillotine 2 (1978). Years later, he also served as assistant director on Marco Mak The Blood Rules (2000).

For his directorial debut, Siu made the action film Deadly Chase (1973), followed by several works in different genres. He then codirected The Discharged (1977) with star Alan Tang, beginning his long collaboration with the actor-producer, on such thrillers as Law Don (1979), Don’t Kill Me, Brother! (1981) and New York Chinatown (1982). Between 1986 and 1989, he directed Why, Why, Tell Me Why !! (1986), Private Life (1987) and Vampire Buster (1989).

Since 2000, Siu had been working in China, mostly on television.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2008 《12 秒58》
12 Second 58 CHAN Norman
1999 《怪談之魔鏡》
The Mirror
1995 《小醉拳》
The Little Drunken Masters
1994 《真相之一終極之旅》
A Deadly Way
1994 《真相之二極道追擊》
The Dying Run
1993 《霸海紅英》
The Avenging Quartet
1993 《雨夜天魔》
Psycho Killer
1993 《血賊夢京城》
A Story in Beijing City
1993 《偶像》
1991 《喋血危情》
Heart of Danger
1990 《金牌雙龍》
Day Of Thunder
1989 《捉鬼大師》
Vampire Buster SEOW Long LAW Man Norman
1987 《香港小姐寫真》
Private Life
1986 《壞女孩》
Why, Why, Tell Me Why !!
1984 《有Friend 冇驚》
Winner Takes All ?
1983 《怒拔太陽旗》
The Militarism Revival
1982 《賊性》
Outlaw Genes
1982 《血洗唐人街》
New York Chinatown
1981 《知法犯法》
The Legal Illegal
1981 《無毒不丈夫》
Don't Kill Me, Brother !
1980 《隻手遮天》
Absolute Monarch
1979 《家法》
Law Don TANG Kwong Wing Alan
1979 《發窮惡》
The Wickedness in Poverty
1978 《白粉雙雄》
The Rascal Billionaire
1977 《出冊》
The Discharged TANG Kwong Wing Alan
1975 《女捕快》
Lady of the Law
1974 《天天報喜》
Everyday Is Sunday
1974 《生死關頭》
Land of the Brave
1973 《追殺》
Deadly Chase